5 Netflix shows you need to binge watch

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Binge watching Netflix is the new going out, and Netflix and Chill must be the most popular past time of the entire population – When I say Netflix and Chill, I actually mean watching Netflix in your pyjamas with a hot chocolate and lots of food (chocolate is my usual choice, just FYI).

Slobbing on the sofa in front of the TV is my favourite thing to do when you get home from work or the weather is too wintry to venture outside, so I’ve put together my top 5 Netflix Shows to binge watch.


Of course Friends had to be up there as my Number 1 show. I know Friends like the back of my hand and can quote almost every episode to you if you so desire.

It’s my favourite show ever and when it was announced it would be on Netflix from the start of the year, I couldn’t have had better news to ring in 2018 with. Yep, I’m that sad! Chances are I use Friends quotes in my daily conversation and if you don’t watch it, well you need to.

For those of you who really don’t know what it’s about (I won’t judge, if you start watching it immediately) it’s about six friends from New York who hang out in Central Perk coffee shop and you watch them manoeuvre their way through the trials and tribulations life in your twenties throws at you.

You watch them go in and out of relationships, jobs and friendships with many many a joke thrown in. I can’t imagine a life without Friends.

My favourite episode? The One Where No Ones Ready in Season 3. My favourite quote has to be “I got off the plane” and “She’s your lobster” and “Joey doesn’t share food” (okay I couldn’t narrow down just one.)

Brooklyn 99

My second favourite sitcom next to Friends, this is about a bunch of New York Cops working in Brooklyn, written by and starring Andy Samberg one of the most underrated men in American showbiz in my opinion.

Also boasting acting skills of comedy genius Terry Crews, as well as female comedian Chelsea Perretti and actor Joe Le Triugo.

It follows them as they embark on their daily police detective work with obviously every single mishap and events gone wrong as possible, as well as watching friendships develop and crushes turn into relationships.

The banter between the main character Jake, and the police captain, whose personalities could not be further apart, is incredible as they bounce off each other unbelievably well.

It has me in stitches every single time no matter how many times I watch and re-watch an episode. A must watch if you need a laugh.


Turning slightly more serious, but not without its funny moments, is Suits. A show about a guy with an eidetic memory who stumbles into becoming a lawyer at one of the top firms in New York without any qualifications, but with the knowledge he needs from sitting the law exams for people for money, using his epic memory skills.

Of course, doing such a risky job illegally, is not without its pitfalls and you follow the firm as they take on important and life changing cases trying to make sure nobody finds out Mike isn’t a real lawyer.

The banter between him and his mentor Harvey, is both endearing and hilarious, the arguments with awkward but loveable Louis Litt (you will love him and then hate him a thousand times over while watching) and the absolute sassiness of secretary Donna will never cease to amaze you.

Favourite quote – “you just got lit up” (which is available to purchase on a mug, it’s that popular). Don’t be fooled by the fact that it’s a legal programme – you will not be bored by this one as it isn’t your typical courtroom drama.

Once Upon a Time

A major twist on your typical Disney Fairy Tales, Once Upon a Time is a “Disney in real life” but it starts off that nobody knows it. The town of Storybrooke is under a curse from the evil queen which made them all turn into “normal” people living their normal lives of teachers, barmaids, doctors etc. Young Henry tries to break the curse with the help of his Mum, Emma, who doesn’t believe him for a very long time. Sometimes cheesy but action-packed, each episode reveals a new problem and a new character and it all comes together in very clever ways.

Pretty Little Liars

This had me hooked and I went on a serious binge watching PLL. I couldn’t rest until I found out who A was. Then A was revealed and it was false. Then A was actually revealed and then there was another A.

To put some context behind my ramblings; the show is about 4 friends, whose friend Alison, goes missing and they are taunted by someone who calls themselves A, and whoever A is, is seriously messed up.

They mess with the girls’ lives in ways you wouldn’t even imagine and they are so very clever. They made it their mission to try and find out who is ruining their lives, whilst still trying to live their teenage lives and graduate high school.

With the stunning Shay Mitchell and Lucy Hale amongst the cast, the show follows the girls as they try and live a normal life with a stalker on their backs.

Fun fact: Mike from Suits is in it as a cameo as he is married to one of the cast and she also appears in Suits. the show is so bad that it’s good and your temptation to google who A is was so real but I managed to resist all the way through.





  1. I’m so glad I’ve found someone else who loves Brooklyn Nine Nine! It’s SO funny and one of my all time favourite programmes! The only programme I’ve not seen on there is once upon a time – I’ve started it but need to binge it! Great recommendations xx

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