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10 desk organisation hacks that will transform your workspace

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A tidy space is a tidy mind and the saying couldn’t be more true. As a University student who spends an awful amount of time at their desk it’s an essential everything is in order. There’s nothing worse than having everything everywhere with no proper place.

I had a good sort through and thought I would share with you the tips and tricks I have for transforming your desk into that organised dreamy space in just 10 hacks.

Colour coding is key

I have everything on my desk in colour codes. Anything that is important and something I will always need like documents or bills all have a blue sticker on them.

It sounds daft but it’s an easy way for me to remember what is what without having to look through everything.

You can get coloured stickers for as cheap as £1 so there’s no excuse to not be organised.


These help to prioritise and organise my life, by having everything in a folder that I need it stops things to get lost.

Yes these are colour coded as well, but honestly there’s nothing better than having everything there and organised. It keeps me at ease knowing everything is where it needs to be.

Pots of joy

I have about a million little tubs and pots on my desk and they not only add to the decor but they make it easy to find everything. There’s been countless times where I’ve scrambled around for a pen and had to move half of my desk to find one.

Having them all in a pot is so much easier and it’s not expensive. It can also be an exciting time as so many different brands do cute pots and tubs.

Storage boxes

It’s a weird one this but storage boxes became an essential for me throughout my first year of University. There’s a lot of documents and bits and pieces I need but they take up so much room and especially when they aren’t a necessity for me to have right now.

A labelled storage box is the better place for them. I normally have these tucked up under my desk so they aren’t too far from reach.

Dual chargers

This one is again not one everyone thinks of. As someone who needs 3 chargers for my devices my desk gets messy if they are scattered across everywhere.

I normally have a handy pot for the chargers to live in and then with the help of an extension lead and a dual usb charger my charging stress days are over. It makes it so much easier to have everything there but still organised.

Weekly planners

I am a trusty notebook lover but there’s nothing better than having a weekly organiser handy. It makes it easy to have everything there whilst staying organised.

Once I’ve organised everything into the planner I normally try and organise my documents in that order. If I have a deadline due soon all my prep work will be at the top of the pile and I will slowly move it into the storage boxes as the week goes on.

Post it notes

Kind of an obvious one but so many people forget them. They’re handy to remember notes to yourself and others. When I’m writing an essay or getting some work done it’s great to have them there handy to write anything down.

When I’ve got a list of blog posts to write it’s great to have post it notes around me to remind me of what needs writing soon.

A good handy bag

As a lot of what lives on my desk tends to come with me when I’m at University or out for the day. It’s key to make sure everything is still organised when it goes in and out of my bag.

Having a bag with plenty of room and space to organise everything in is key. Without it i’d be pulling out all sorts of stuff and having no idea what it is or where it needs to go.

Utilise the space

Now this goes without saying but if you have a small desk then grab your basket and go storage shopping. You can buy dividers and file draws that help to keep everything together even if your desk is small.

I tend to have the main essentials on my desk and then documents and other bits in the draws and surrounding boxes. It stops  my desk from being crammed with space. Plus makes a great place to nap if a wave of tiredness hits. This cute desk tidy is something everybody needs in their life

Have a clear out

I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve looked at my desk and wondered why some of the stuff is here. From sharpie pens that no longer work to revision cards that aren’t of any use to me.

It’s good to have an annual clear out and make sure everything on there works and is needed. Not only does it free up space but it allows you to see exactly what you need on you at all times.



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