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8 ways to help you travel on a budget

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Going on holiday, whether it’s for a few days, a week or longer, is exciting and can be the perfect way to allow yourself some time away from your busy weekly schedule and spend some quality time with your loved ones.

They can open up so many opportunities, such as exploring new places, experiencing new cultures, trying new dishes and helping you to have a more balanced lifestyle.

Particularly for those that suffer from sleep deprivation, holidays can be a great way to catch up and enjoy a better nights sleep, allowing your body to have time to repair and restore energy.

Travelling can also be a great chance for you to reflect on your lifestyle and change any of your unhealthy habits.

Holidays are great for helping you to develop skills such as organisation and planning, particularly when it comes to budgeting your spending money.

You have to find the balance of trying to visit everything you want to see, without going over your budget. The last thing you would want is to overspend on your credit card and come back off holiday in debt.

Here are some tips on how you can budget your travels:

Fly midweek

You can often find great cheap flights during in the week when flights are less busy than weekends. Check out SkyScanner to find the best flight for you!

It also helps if you can book a last minute deal. Expedia always have offers on for hotels and holidays all over the world.

Go all inclusive

There is nothing worse when you are on holiday with your family and you can’t agree on a restaurant to go to.

All inclusive holidays provide a variety of meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and some may supply snacks inbetween these. This helps you to save money and not buy additional food throughout the day.

Book a package

Some websites provide great package deals which allow you to book your flights and transport to your hotel. T

his is a great way for working out the total cost of your holiday and how much you’re able to save for additional spending money that you may want towards activities outside of the accommodation.

You should check out loveholidays and Thomas Cook.

Go to free or discounted events

Visiting famous landmarks can be a once in a lifetime opportunity but prices on the day can be extortionate.

Book your tickets for attractions online and in advance, as they can often be cheaper. Or visit alternative places like museums and tourist sites which have free entry.

Talk to locals

By talking to local residents you may be able to get advice or recommendations of places to visit and where you can find the best deals. Restaurants in populated tourist areas will often be expensive in comparison to local places.

Local people are more likely to recommend cheaper places that will likely sell better and fresher produce with a real authentic taste.

If you can’t find a local then check out the reviews on Tripadvisor.

Spend more time in fewer places

 Travelling and visiting new places every day can be exciting but this means that travel costs will start mounting up. Select certain days to travel to new places on your holiday and have a few days rest so you can save on money.

Additionally, use cheaper forms of transport such as using buses or trains, hire out a bicycle or to save yourself even more money, walk to some of your destinations.

Get a pre paid card

With a Monzo card you can put on as much spending money as you like and its great if you don’t want to keep carrying around loads of cash.

Also, if you pay for an item in Euros, when you check your balance, it will use the best currency conversion rate and it will automatically tell you how much it costs in Pounds.

Stay in hostels

They are a great and cheaper alternative to staying in a hotel. They often include a free breakfast, offer fun activities like excursions or parties, which may also be a great way of getting to know the other tourists you will be staying with.




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