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5 interview items you need for your professional wardrobe

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The interview is a key part of the application process when going for a job because you get to meet your potential employers.

First impressions are so important at this point. Your style should be something that helps you make the best first impression possible, so we’ve put together the items you need to pull it off.

ASOS Street Level Handbag £32

The bag

The bag you bring to your interview is important because it shows your professionalism by choosing the appropriate bag. A detailed black, white, grey or blue bag will easily match your outfit so you don’t need to be in bright colours in order to stand out.

Match it with some smart shoes and silver or black earrings and a necklace.

It should be large enough to fit an A4 piece of paper so you don’t crease any important documents that you have to bring with you. This black one from ASOS is perfect as it’s simple, big enough for everything and still looks classic.

Topshop slim suit trousers £45

Smart trousers

You may have already guessed it, but trousers are the best alternative to jeans and leggings, which can be too tight and revealing. If you want to look neat without feeling restricted in a skirt, trousers are an essential item.

Showing up to an interview in jeans is unprofessional and leggings aren’t warm enough.

A pair of dark blue or black trousers with a blouse and some low-heeled shoes makes a great outfit for your job interview. These grey ones from New Look are perfect – and they’re only £10!

ASOS T-shirt dress £25

A dress

It’s an essential that you don’t realise you will need until you are invited to a birthday dinner or a black-tie event and you don’t have an appropriate dress.

This is the dress you wear when you have to impress and that’s the aim of a job interview.

It doesn’t have to be short, but you need to feel comfortable in it to give the best impression of yourself.

Wear tights underneath in cold weather and so that you don’t reveal your legs too much.

Avoid wearing clashing patterns and bright colours to a job interview. You should also avoid wearing anything that stains easily such as a completely white outfit.

With a striped dress and small, formal accessories you’ll look dressed up to the nines.

New Look floral high neck blouse £17.99

A blouse

These are often associated with school, which scares people away from them but smart blouses are a must because they can be worn in a variety of situations.

When you attend events: smart casual or business casual, you’ll be expected to own a formal blouse. These are ideal to wear at a job interview because they can be styled easily with some simple accessories.

This is also an opportunity to add colour to the outfit, with light coloured blouses. Wear this with your black trousers or a pencil skirt for the workplace.

Whether it’s your job interview or a meeting, this item will take your outfit from casual to professional.

Boohoo longline blazer £30

A blazer

The jacket is often the first thing people notice about your outfit, because it goes on top of everything else. The visibility of it means it is essential that your jacket shows fashion sense.

A simple black or grey blazer will be a great item for the workplace if you are going without a coat. Brightly coloured blazers aren’t always necessary, but avoid dressing in black from head to toe.

Now you’ve got the look you just need to nail the interview. Don’t worry we’ve got you covered on that part too.

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