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How to make a house a gorgeous, grown up home


I recall very clearly moving into my first house. It was quite literally a dump and we had to gut it and start from scratch. I remember the feeling of overwhelming joy as we started to add all those little touches which really turned it into a home.

These things make any house or flat, rented or bought, feel like a proper gorgeous,  grown up home.

Stuff for your walls

Everyone needs stuff on their walls. I have photos of my friends and family and photos of my favourite places. I have prints of my favourite artists; Edward Hopper, Gustav Klimt, David Hockney. And I have many precious watercolours painted by my Grandad.

Fill your walls with things you love and make you proud. This encourages conversations and compliments from every visitor and ensures you are smiling every time you look around your new gaff.

A statement floor lamp

I have a beautiful grey floor lamp in my living room. Not only does it make the room look incredibly cool, as soon as you turn it on, it instantly makes it super cosy too.

It was a bargain buy from Ikea but you would never know!

A DAB radio

Buying a trendy radio for your kitchen makes you feel like the ultimate grown up. You can listen to music while you cook and do the clichéd thing and dance round the kitchen.

Once you feel like you are totally bossing the whole ‘I have my own house’ vibes, you might even dabble in a bit of Radio 4.

A chrome letter stand

As you begin to receive many hundreds of wedding invitations, you’re at that age now, you need somewhere to display them all.

A letter stand makes a lovely addition to your mantlepiece and is very practical too.

A bookcase

Someone once said to me ‘Wow, you are so well read’ after admiring my bookcase! My life was quite literally made in this moment. Now you have your own place, you can fill your shelves with the books you love.

Posh candles

You can get some very nice candles these days for some very nice prices. Yep, I am looking at you Aldi!

It is a wonderful feeling lighting your candles when you’re having a night in and it makes you feel pretty posh too.

All the vases

What is more mature than keeping cut flowers fresh for more than a day? Or making a conscious decision to spend your hard-earned cash on some gorgeous blooms, just because? Or receiving flowers as a thank you for being the ‘hostess with the mostest’ at your first dinner party?

You will need a receptacle to house said flowers so make sure you have a fabulous collection of vases on hand. You can get these really cheaply at Ikea (best friend of the newly moved in) or car boots sales and charity shops.

Soft furnishings

The day I spent £50 on a cushion in John Lewis (I know, but it has Puffins on it!) I knew my house had turned into a place where a proper adult lived.

Add this to my 3 colour coordinated throws and you have got one luxurious living space! Cushions and throws add much-needed splashes of colour to dull living rooms and can be very purse friendly.

Fill your house with these things, throw in some laughter and love, and you have got a home to be proud of!



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