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I don’t drink and I’m fine with that, but why is nobody else?

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I don’t drink. A statement which is greeted by surprise and questions. When you don’t drink people think it’s weird. But why?

According to a study done in 2017, a quarter of 16-24 year olds in the UK don’t drink so it’s not exactly rare. But it’s always assumed that you drink, it’s never a question that you might not but when you mention you don’t, that’s when you have to provide answers.

People always have opinions about you not drinking. They will ask why, they will call you boring, they will tell you to order something stronger when you ask for an orange juice.

I don’t comment on your drinking habits so please don’t comment on mine.

I am perfectly happy with the fact I don’t drink but I often find myself being very self-conscious when ordering in bars or discussing alcohol. I want to ask the bartender if they can make a non-alcoholic version of the mojito on their menu.

I want to order a simple lemonade but I know the second I do, the questions and comments will roll in.

Personally, I don’t drink out of choice. I’ve been there, done that, bought several t-shirts but it’s just no longer something I want to do.

There’s no big reason why I don’t, I just stopped. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, I don’t like getting past the point of tipsy, I don’t like being out of control and I don’t like hangovers.

I do like driving, I do like remembering the night, I do like sipping a drink I actually like the taste of and I do like knowing exactly where I am or what I’m doing.

That’s my personal reason but people don’t drink for so many other reasons and you don’t know their reasons.

How would you feel if you told someone to order a stronger drink only to find out they are a recovering alcoholic?

People don’t drink for religious reasons, health reasons, overcoming addiction, pregnancy… the list is endless.

If you drink, that’s fine, enjoy it but don’t judge someone who doesn’t. You don’t know the reasons behind it, they have no need to explain themselves to you and it doesn’t effect you in any way whatsoever.

The drinking culture is so huge that people forget that it’s not to everyone’s taste and doesn’t fit in everyone’s lives. You don’t necessarily need alcohol to socialise. You don’t necessarily need alcohol to have a good time.

So, if you come across someone who doesn’t drink, please just respect that. Don’t comment, don’t question, just leave it be.

If drinking is not for you, just don’t do it. Don’t feel any pressure at all. You do you.




  1. I really don’t enjoy drinking anymore. I loved it at uni where all my friends were and I felt safe but I’ve recently totally gone off it and I’m genuinely thinking about giving up all together! I do enjoy a couple at home on the weekend and I don’t see why people judge if I do that and don’t go on massive nights out and get smashed! I’m glad someone you’ve written this! X

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  2. I’m a student who doesn’t drink, and I’m lucky in the sense that my friends all accept this and never really ask questions. It also means I get to tell all the great stories after a night out!

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  3. Literally my entire blog started because I’m a student who doesn’t drink and I wanted to reassure other students who don’t drink that they can survive in the party-filled university world too! Thank you so much for sharing this post because you’re so so so right. Oh, I nearly forgot, I’ve decided to nominate you for a Mystery Blogger Award and I’d be thrilled if you’d accept – here is the link if you’re interested in completing it! 🙂


  4. It’s not that I don’t drink at all, but last year I decided that for me the drinking and heavy partying phase in my life is sort of over. Been there done that since my teens so I have had my fair share of that already. I pay more attention to my health and skincare and frequent alcohol consumption is simply not part of it. I don’t limit myself when I really want to but these days, I only drink on special occasions, holidays and when I really feel like it and that’s not often at all.

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