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Feeling homesick? Me too

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Home is where the heart is…

It’s only now that I’m away from home 80% of the time, I realise that this is all too true.

Coming to university is exciting, new and for some a right of passage, but we forget about all the things that comes with it. There are nights out and societies and bars where you can stand on the table and scream your favourite song until your heart’s content.

But then there are also lonely nights and feeling homesick – the two worst feelings that no one prepares you for.

For some it’s only 2 days of the week and for some it’s only once every term. But at some point we don’t enjoy being independent anymore and we just need to go home.

We need a hug from Mum and Dad’s home cooked meals. Breakfast with your Grandparents and prosecco with your Auntie.

Things you don’t think you’ll miss that much when you leave home but you do.

I don’t deal with feeling homesick well and often I drop absolutely everything to run back home. It’s not easy and it’s not fun but there are ways to make it better.

Planning a trip home is of course the best thing to do. Even if it’s only a weekend, it’s something to look forward to.

It’s easier said than done for most but once you’ve got your fluffiest dressing gown on and you’re eating chocolates on the sofa with your favourite people, every other trouble you have just slips away.

If waiting for a trip home won’t suffice…treat yo self! I’m not encouraging that you bankrupt yourself for a few sparkly eyeshadows, but a bit of online shopping and a new outfit to look forward to 100% improves your mood.

Why not delve into the world of cooking if you’re feeling sad? Your favourite home cooked meal even if it is a tad burnt on the sides helps you feel more yourself than pigging out on Dominos.

Although Dominos is great and I can’t stop eating the garlic bread!

Or as simple as it seems, get some sleep! A messed up sleeping pattern with random naps only makes you feel groggy and useless.

Sleeping in until 4pm and wasting the day doesn’t help. Get yourself out of bed before 12 and go outside in the fresh air! Drag a friend with you, go for a walk, even if you don’t fancy talking about it. I guarantee you’ll feel a lot happier.

It’s okay to feel homesick, you don’t have to feel 100% okay all the time! Everyone goes through it, don’t worry, you’re not on your own.



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