7 things every woman should have in her handbag


The female handbag. Whether you love it or hate it, it’s an inevitably handy bag to have. They come in big and small, and there’s one for all occasions. The female handbag has everything you could imagine. It has all you could ever need. Fear not, the female handbag is always about.

But what are the top 7 things that you should undoubtedly have in your handbag?

A bottle opener

Trust me. You may not think it now, but this will come in handy. I can’t tell you how many times my bottle opener has come in handy!

Lil’ anecdote- for my debs (Irish version of a prom) I had the tiniest bag, and mom gave me a bottle opener for the bus to the hotel, everyone had all their beauty bits- eyelash glue, lipgloss etc. The one thing everyone wanted was a bottle opener, and no one but me had one.

Reward cards and coupons

If you don’t have these two things in your bag, what are you even doing? How do you expect to gain points on your reward card or claim off those coupons if they aren’t in the bag you’re likely to take everywhere with you? Especially as a student, these are the best things to have.

Even if you feel you may not use them, it’s still not much of a weight in your bag, is it? I can’t begin to think how many coffee cards I have in my purse for different outlets… 4 coffees, and you get the 5th free? COUNT. ME. IN.

Spare change

This is particularly if you’re a city slicker and dependant on the good old city buses every now and again. A lot of bus drivers are so grumpy as it is, imagine if you give them a note instead of the correct change? The horror!

Safety pins / mini sewing kit

I would one hundred and ten percent recommend this for your night-out bag, in particular. You, and no one around you will ever have a wardrobe malfunction on a night out again, imagine the luxury? What a hero.

Paracetamol / Bonjela / Wax

Very handy items for your handbag. Particularly bonjela & wax if you are a fellow brace-face like myself.

Small pack of tissues

The use of tissues is endless. From leaky eyes to snotty noses, to everything in between. Another being the fact that it is extremely handy for fear you go to a toilet with no paper? This is an absolute staple for festival-goers!


Earphones are a gals best friend, let’s face it. Long bus journey? Earphones and music. Listening to music or podcasts are great to help long journeys go quicker, whether you’re on the bus, walking or anything in between!

The female handbag is the most underrated accessory around. Very few of our significant others understand the concept of carrying such a large bag around, “Move your suitcase, will you?!” is all I get!

The same person is either forever looking for notable things such as a tissue or change, or looking for me to mind something in my “suitcase.” Who else can relate? What are the key items in your bag?



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