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Your must-watch Netflix essentials are finally here!


It’s 2018 so I doubt I need to remind you of what Netflix is. What I do need to remind you about is the new shows that have appeared and some you’ve probably never checked out. With new shows being added constantly, it’s gonna be hard not to find something you’d want to watch.

When it comes to Netflix, I always go for something easy to watch. I can’t face getting trapped into a series and coming out at the end of it 3 days later with nothing else to watch.

I am sadly not one of those people who can just marathon tv shows, so at the moment anything I can watch when I want is the dream.

Queer Eye

This is my main go to at the moment, it’s a 7 episode show currently but oh my will you be hooked after 10 minutes. Think 60-minute makeover but with 5 guys here to change someone’s life and get them back to loving themselves.

Throughout each episode, you uncover more about the person and you almost feel a little connected to them. The show features every transformation they go through and touches on personal matters and societal issues.

It’s the kind of show that leaves you feeling good inside and even though there aren’t many episodes I don’t see myself getting bored of this.


It’s a classic that I have to tell everyone about. If you’re into the cliche law drama kinda show this is the one for you. It’s hard not to get deeply involved with the show and the characters.

I grew up watching this show and hands down I could watch it at any point. It’s that kind of series you could watch whenever and never get bored, it’s the ideal programme that everyone needs to take a look at.

Wild Child

If you’re after a really good cheesy film, then this is one for you. It’s that classic teen film, since watching it as a kid, I could happily watch this whenever.

It’s a great film to watch, and it’s a guaranteed way to make you relax. If you’re after a cheesy film then this is the one for you.

Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging

This is another classic. I spent my life endlessly as a kid watching this constantly, it’s that perfect film I needed as a kid and even now it still makes me laugh.

Big Mouth

If you’re after more of an adult tv show, this is honestly one of the best. The animated tv series touches on issues throughout teenage life. From getting your first period, to wet dreams – it makes the whole ordeal funny.

As daunting as these times in our life can be, the show captures these issues and helps us to laugh about it. It breaks down the awkwardness but still helps to educate us a little. It’s not the best show to watch in public, but it really is a funny one to get you laughing.

Let me know, what your favourite shows and films are, I’d love to hear everyone’s recommendations and the things they love to watch. I’m on the hunt for some more series to watch so anything along the lines of law, comedy and all that would be amazing!



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