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How to avoid distractions when working from home

The Growing Up Guide working from home set up

It’s easier said than done I know. However, in order to get work done you’ve got to have a balance.

I salute anyone who can work and relax in the same space. I struggle to get any academic work done at home. Unless I fully distract myself and get all the tricks out, it just doesn’t happen. I can sit in bed for hours and get blog work done, but as lovely as that sounds we can definitely switch this around and make it more productive.

Let’s talk about the first steps…

Create an actual workspace

And nope, the other side of your bed doesn’t count. Unless you have even the slither of a piece of floor in your home that you can class as a workspace, this will make a difference.

It’s all about training your mind to view things for a certain purpose.

If you view your bed as a work and sleeping space, you’re going to be up all night. You won’t be able to switch off until your body has to force you to.

Headphones work wonders

You probably wouldn’t think about it but headphones in this situation are key.

If I’m at home all day, the headphones go on and don’t come off until the work is done. Otherwise, you will be distracted by little noises, next door neighbours chatting too loudly and get sucked into everything but your work. And plus, playing music makes you feel good.

I normally tend to stick a podcast on or some quiet background music – before I know it hours have passed and I’ve managed to do something.

Make a timetable

This again might sound odd, but have an order to your day. If you were in an office you would have set times for when to go for dinner, so why not do that at home? Set realistic timeframes and this should help.

Also, don’t give into those cravings. I know it’s hard not to spend the day doing everything apart from work, but you’ve decided to do it at home for a reason – so let’s get it done!

 Make time for yourself

You probably don’t do this at work or when you’re working somewhere else, but take 5 every now and then. You’re going to be inside all day and even though you might peek out the window and have a look at the sunshine, there isn’t anything stopping you from getting 5 minutes of fresh air. Make sure you regularly move about otherwise you’ll wear out and slump around.

Set yourself deadlines

For me, this is the main one to avoid distractions at home. When working from home, you’re kind of your own boss and it’s hard to be strict with yourself. But if you set yourself deadlines and even ask others to get on board, this can really motivate you.

On the plus side, setting deadlines also helps you to enjoy your home more. Once the deadline is done and the work is over – your home is finally yours again.

In the next couple of weeks, I want to trial how working at home for a week works for me. I’ve done the odd couple of days, but I want to go all out here. I might even be able to inspire myself to take more home days and appreciate my home a little more.

Let me know if you’d like to see how I got on.



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  1. YES! This is probably the biggest struggle of striking out on your own and working from home. Dogs. Noises. Distractions. I swear, I had to actually go to Starbucks and put headphones in to just get my thesis done. It’s a balance and a skill to master, for sure. And YES, never work from your bed. People ask me all the time if I just LOVE my life because I can work from my bed in my jammies. Uh no. That’s not how it works. Great post!


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