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Why you don’t have to be ashamed if you met your partner on Tinder

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Being apart of a generation that lives our lives online, it’s no surprise that popular dating sites like Tinder are one of the most popular ways we meet our potential partners.

Tinder has a bad reputation for being a site for hook ups and imposters, but despite this, there are actually many success stories.

I’m one of those people who successfully managed to find an amazing partner from simply swiping right on Tinder. I was single for 18 months before I decided to venture onto the online dating world.

I had a lot of anticipation to start dating again, but using Tinder definitely helped to calm those nerves. Like any dating process, I had to eliminate the bad before I got to the good.

If you’re like me and so many others out there who has met their partner on Tinder, then you’re probably use to people asking you the usual question of,  ‘How did you meet (insert name here)?’

Replying that you met on a dating app called Tinder, they instantly look back at you horrified. It’s as if you’ve done something wrong, except everyone else is doing the same but online.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with meeting your partner on tinder and I’m here to tell you exactly why it you don’t have to be ashamed about it:

You’re not alone in using Tinder

With the online world being so accessible to us nowadays, why wouldn’t we take advantage of this easy way to meet new people we can potentially date?

There are so many people out there who have used dating sites like Tinder to find love. You and your partner are just two out of thousands maybe even millions of people. Everyone has at least tried it once or still uses it regularly if they’re single.

We’re part of the group who have been successful enough to find a great partner. In 10 years time, we will be known as the generation of couples who met on Tinder.

We should all celebrate being able to make Tinder work enough to bring an amazing person into our lives for the better.

You help change the stigma

Because there is such a bad reputation to using Tinder and finding love on this app, being able to tell people you were able to meet someone on Tinder and to have made it a success, you are helping to change the stigma attached to said app.

You have proven that you have been able to accomplish exactly what you wanted to in finding a partner, but with something so accessible and easy to use to help you do it.

It doesn’t mean your relationship is invalid

Just because you’ve used Tinder rather than more traditional methods, it doesn’t mean your relationship is any less valid than one that was made twenty years ago offline. It just means you’ve made good use of a current method of dating.

It doesn’t change the value of your relationship or whether it is a good or bad one.

Sure you might meet some people who you don’t agree with or don’t get on with on Tinder, but this can also happen when you meet someone in a bar or on your morning commute.

If you’re happy in your relationship with the partner that you met on Tinder, then that’s amazing and more people need to be happy for you.

You did exactly what felt right

Tinder helped me massively in the world of dating due to suffer with anxiety and in particular social anxiety.

Having that option to talk to someone online before deciding whether I wanted to meet in person, gave me enough confidence to feel comfortable to actually meet and know that they were right for me before I took the leap.

Through the process of dating, you do exactly what you feel is right for you. If Tinder is what has helped you to meet your partner, then there is nothing to be ashamed about because of that. You put yourself first and there is also nothing wrong with doing that.

Be thankful and grateful

Instead of worrying about what others may think, focus on being grateful and thankful for what your Tinder experience has given you. It has brought an amazing person into your life who you probably wouldn’t have met unless you signed up for the dating site.

Forget the judgemental people and focus on what is most important, which is being in love and experiencing life with a brilliant partner by your side. Be happy that you put yourself first, took control of your life and was able to find happiness from doing so.




  1. I love this, it is a important topic to talk about I think because so many people look down on others for meeting their partners on tinder. I met my boyfriend a long time ago on BBM, so many relationships are created from social media and that is totally fine!! Great post x

    Liked by 1 person

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