The transition jackets you need when you live in the UK

The Growing Up Guide

It’s warm then it’s cold, it’s sunny but then it snows. The weather is hard enough to judge on a normal day but outfits can be a real pain with this weather.

It’s too warm to break out that winter coat but it’s too cold to be going without a jacket. It’s good to have a transitional piece you can have with you whether it’s Spring or Autumn.

We’ve picked out a couple that can be taken all the way up to Summer, treating you to some leather jacket love and the cardigans and jumpers you will be sad you didn’t see before.

First up is leather jackets. I love a good leather jacket and I’m on the hunt for a brand new one.


There are so many style out there but let’s start with this one from Pinkie £32.99, it has that classic leather jacket style. Cut slightly above the waist so it won’t keep you melting all day.

My favourite thing about this is the buckle tie detailing around the bottom, it has that blazer style fit but with the buckle detailing it adds a real edge to it. This still stays as a statement piece but it has something a bit different to it.



If you want to spend a bit more this one from Oasis £44 is a perfect piece especially in Autumn. It has that weird teal green mix and for me, this is a real show stopper.

It can be dressed up with an outfit and on a night out with a pair of flares or a great skirt this really adds pops of colour.

It is a little more up there in price but for me, especially with the colour and style of it, the price is pretty reasonable. It cuts a little further down than the Pinkie one which I think especially when it’s colder has a better fit for staying warm.

For a lighter approach, you might want a nice jacket, something to throw over an outfit and head out the door. Leather jackets can be a bit restrictive and they aren’t always everyone’s cup of tea.

I thought I’d bring in 3 jacket styles that might rock your world. From the light and airy style to the more structured dressed up choices.

First up is a classic denim jacket, this was one of the first pieces I picked up.

It works with anything, whether that’s day or night and the best thing is they are always in Fashion. They also don’t always have to be expensive, I got one of mine from Primark for £13 and it’s the one I always reach for.


If you want a more oversized style this one from Urban Bliss £38 is a treat. It has that distressed trucker kinda style to it, with it being a little oversized this helps so much for layering underneath if you need to.

For me I want a denim jacket to be a little oversized and with this, you get that and it has that distressed vibe to it which will always stay in fashion.


The next option is really playing on the pastel colour theme that is entering spring, if you want to add a little bit of colour this lilac Corduroy jacket from ASOS £48 is the ticket.

It sticks with that pastel trend and also incorporates a lovely bit of corduroy. This would definitely stay as a spring piece as it’d get too hot for Summer but you can definitely take it into Winter and Autumn with you.

The last piece I want to show you are more of a cardigan drapey kinda style, they are the kind of piece you would run around the house in. Feeling like you’re in some kind of mansion even though it’s just your bedroom.


This Kimono Style Jacket £48 in this burgundy piped satin, now we all know I have fallen in love with this just because of the colour. But honestly it speaks to me on a new level, it has an old glamour kinda vibe to it and that white piping detail is calling my name.

Before I fall in love with this too much it’s time to talk about the transition pieces like jackets you’re talking into spring with you.

That green leather jacket is soon going to be mine I can sense it.



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