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Why you can still feel ‘made up’ without all the make up

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Let’s talk about something, why do we feel so horrid when we don’t have makeup on.

I’ve had people apologise to me for the way they look without makeup on, or even if it’s minimal. If you’re rocking a bit of concealer and mascara why should you feel less of yourself?

You’re pretty with or without it so why do we get so bothered by it. I’ve done a no foundation challenge in the past and I now keep my base very simple, yes the eyes are still the same but everything else is more simple. It doesn’t make me feel any different now I’m used to it. I can still feel 100% whether there is the full works or not.

It’s time we switch it all up, get that confidence going and bear it all. You can have a bit of translucent powder on and still feel amazing, why shouldn’t you?

You were amazing before you put it on and now it’s on that shouldn’t change how you perceive yourself. It all comes with confidence and it isn’t easy by no means to do it.

But we can first off start by stopping to attacking ourselves when we ‘don’t look 100%’ in doing so I want there to be change, we fight for so many things yet we don’t fight for simple things like this.

Having the confidence to go out and not feel upset or embarrassed and bare that face and give it a go.

Whether you wear makeup or not we should never be apologetic of how we look. I’ve been in work before when people have asked me if I’m okay or if I’ll because I haven’t worn makeup.

The standards we set ourselves are ridiculous and we shouldn’t be acting this way, it’s downright rude to be that fixated on someone’s appearance and try to make a comment when the routine isn’t the same.

If I’m not wearing winged eyeliner one time it doesn’t mean I’m having a breakdown or I’m ill maybe I just didn’t want it that day.

We shouldn’t have to explain ourselves either, you just wanna rock some killer brows you do that don’t listen to anyone else. It’s absurd to live off people’s expectations and how they want you to be.

You do what makes you feel good and everyone else can deal with it. I won’t deny the difference in my confidence when I do and don’t have makeup on.

When I’m not wearing makeup I am more aware of people around me, the stares and looks do get to me more than when there is a full face on. But you’ll never know what people are thinking and it’s okay to just step out the door and be you.

When I’ve got makeup on whether it’s a full face or not I do feel different, it’s a weird confidence boost that gets lifted from me.

I’ve managed to find a middle ground to combat this, it allows me to stay as natural as possible without feeling self-conscious.




  1. I think we all need to have make-up free days. We should definitely be embracing the naked face look :). Really nice post x


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