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The home decor every new adult needs when they move out

The Growing Up Guide

So, you’ve just graduated university and/or are ready to take a leap of faith and move out of your parents’ house.

Maybe you’re moving in with roommates or going it alone; either way, you’re ready for the world to know how grown up you are, and your living space is a testament to your new-found maturity.

You’ve signed the lease and packed your bags and it’s time to start decorating, but what can you stock your new flat with to make your adult life easier?

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Coffee Machine:

If you’re a Real Adult™, you will know that life is too short for bad coffee. Whilst instant coffee might work in a pinch, it’s definitely worth investing in a proper coffee machine.

Depending on your budget, you could go high-end, like a Nespresso or Keurig machine, or at the other end of the spectrum, a regular French press or moka pot will improve your mornings no-end.

Basic Cooking Equipment:

Gone are the days of Mum’s home-cooked masterpieces on demand, along with the Uni-kitchen-experiments you can’t believe you ate.

Every grown-up kitchen should be equipped with the basics: good quality pots and pans, chopping boards, a set of knives, spoons, spatulas and servers, a weighing scale or measuring cup, and Tupperware or Pyrex dishes.

Spice Rack:

Nothing will make you feel more like an adult than having a rack or shelf full of exotic spices and seasonings. Once you actually learn what they are all for, they will level up your cooking skills and make you look professional AF.

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Living Room


Any kind of plant makes a house or flat look instantly more grown-up. Whether you opt for low-maintenance cacti and succulents or something fancy like an orchid, some greenery will take your living space to the next level.

Coffee Table Books:

There are so many beautiful books available to have on display on your living room coffee table. Books of quotations, recipes, or even just pretty pictures say, “guests are welcome here and I’m always prepared for you.”


Only real adults care about leaving water marks on furniture, so having coasters at the ready will make everyone who visits think you are so grown up. Using coasters will also prevent staining furniture in a rented apartment, which you know your landlord will try and fight you over.


It doesn’t take much effort to put up some IKEA shelves (just make sure you okay the modification with your landlord or agency first), and they will help you to keep your space organised by avoiding unsightly piles of books, shoes, etc. They will also give you a space to display your plants, and your…

Picture Frames:

Whilst people nowadays tend to store their precious memories on their phones or computers, having printed photos in stylish frames makes a nice touch to a new home. They also make great conversation pieces if you have guests over, and give you a chance to display important pictures somewhere you will see them often.

Urban Outfitters Bath Mat £25


Bath Mat:

Bath mats are indisputably grown up, but they are also kind of important for preventing slipping on a wet bathroom floor. A cute bath mat can also liven up a dull bathroom, along with a colourful shower curtain.

First Aid Kit:

A real adult is prepared for real emergencies (like the time I dropped a sharp baked bean tin lid on my bare foot.) Stock a bathroom cabinet or first aid box with painkillers, plasters, antiseptic, burn cream, contraceptives and any other medicines you might need.


Candles are lovely for decoration, and for keeping a bathroom smelling fresh. Even if they go unlit, they add a touch of sophistication to the least sophisticated room in the house, but they are particularly great for helping stressed out adults to relax in a bubble bath after a long day.

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Having a desk lamp to work on your oh-so important documents or a bedside lamp to read your highly intellectual literature without straining your eyes is both practical and another way to bring your personal style into your new home. Lamps also provide mood lighting to give your home a cosy, welcoming feel.

Beautiful Bedspread:

Having a clean, made bed pulls together a room and makes everything look instantly more organised. Sleeping on a bare mattress to avoid doing laundry might fly in university, but a simple way to be more grown up is to invest in some pretty, comfortable sheets, wash them regularly and make your bed every morning.

Of course, jazzing up your new place is largely down to personal style and taste. Not everybody will want coffee machines and scented candles, and you might have to compromise on the decorating if you’re sharing your home with somebody else.

The most important things to take with you to your new home are your personal qualities, maturity and good attitude towards change. Moving out isn’t easy, but you can handle it.



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