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I ate takeaways every day for a week and this is how my body reacted

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It almost seems like the dream to live off takeaway, the nicest pizza, chips the lot. I love a good takeaway and when I’m busy and the stress gets intense it’s really my go to.

I get a takeaway quite frequently, meaning that my time in the kitchen tends to be quite brief. I went through an odd phase of barely ever cooking for myself and was getting constant takeaways.

So I decided to take on the challenge and get a takeaway for 5 days straight. Not only was this a challenge for me to stay fit and healthy my purse also took a bit of a challenge.

The first day seemed fine, I had a pretty healthy weekend so I didn’t feel like it would be that bad. The first night I got a Nando’s.

Now to tell you first, I am not a salad person so it was about as healthy as Nando’s could get.

Fino Pitta medium with all the salad off with spicy rice and peri peri chips, it was delicious and not a bad start for the week. During the day I had gotten a panini and a couple bottles of coke.

This tends to be a general thing for me, I always buy breakfast out and drink coca cola throughout the day so the Nando’s takeaway really took the health downhill.

The second day was Chinese, I got spring rolls and egg fried rice and I was loving it. I had the classic panini throughout the day and I didn’t feel too bad.

But over the next couple of days I got worse.

It was a McDonald’s and another Nando’s and on the last night I ordered a Dominoes.

I found myself being constantly hungry and to fulfill a lot of the delivery fees I was having to order extra and almost forcing myself to eat it.

I have a particularly big appetitie but I would feel so bloated halfway through I’d have to wait ages to take anymore bites.

I’d never found this before until I started the challenge, guess my body is made for healthy food and no longer a Nando’s and McDonald’s consecutive diet.

Throughout all of this, I found myself getting so tired, I don’t always get the recommended 8 hours, to begin with, but this lifestyle just made me feel sluggish all day every day.

I was struggling to get up out of bed and I was constantly hungry. But usually I’m the kind of person who can jump up straight out of bed and feel absolutely energized, so it was a real shock to the system to see this change in me after a couple of days.

The most surprising thing for me was how much I craved something healthy, once it was over. I was literally running to my kitchen to make some rice and just eat something filling.

I found myself feeling bloated and still quite sluggish for a good couple of days until I got back to normality.

It was such a weird challenge for me to do, I get a takeaway couple times a month but I didn’t realize how much it would affect me if I constantly had them.

From this week I have a new-found love for cooking like I said before when I’m stressed I don’t want to cook. But I actually found cooking to be quite therapeutic after doing this challenge. I just wanted to make something from scratch and I enjoyed it so much.

Also, it tasted amazing and it was great to save a bit of money for once. I wanted to see how much money I waste on takeaways and the results really were shocking. I spend money on a weekly shop to then spend almost triple that on takeaways.

This challenge made me realize how smart I can be if I manage my money, okay it might take extra time to cook myself but I’m pleasing myself and each meal won’t cost me a lot.

I’ve decided that I might even try meal prepping for the week, I get really bored of the same food so I’d need to switch it up. But this challenge has definitnely made me appreicate fresh cooked food that isn’t instant chips or dodgy pizza.

Let us know how you think you’d get on if you did this challenge, I thought I would be fine but it really hit me after day 3.



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