How to stay organised with a full time job

The Growing Up Guide How to stay organised with a full time job

When you start working full-time, it can sometimes feel like you are left with absolutely no time for yourself.

This doesn’t need to be the case!

Here are my top 4 organisational tips for a working girl to make sure you stay on top of everything – like the power woman you are!

Use your commute wisely

I get the train to work and just about every passenger on that train is on their phone. I assume they are scrolling through social media and not getting much value from it.

A quick Google search tells me the average commute in the uk is about an hour. So, that is an hour of time when you can ‘Get sh!t done’.

I read my book, listen to podcasts, read articles and blogs or catch up on writing. I also use the time to do online banking and organise my weekends and holidays. I have heard of people who have learnt languages or written books on their commutes.

So make sure you use that commute time wisely!

Make your lunch times count

Each day I write a lunchtime list. I note down all the little jobs I have to do that day; book taxis for that holiday, reply to the email about the boiler, return that ASOS package, buy toothpaste etc.

This ensures that when lunchtime comes,  I actually remember the tasks I have to do and get them done quickly.

You do not get paid for your lunch break, so PLEASE do not work through it.

Studies show that sitting at your desk all day can be really detrimental for your mental health. So take that break and make lunch times work for you!

Prep for the week ahead on Sunday

Nothing gets you more ready for the week ahead than a nice little Sunday routine.

Mine is as follows; eat dinner early, watch a cheeky bit of Countryfile, have a shower,  wash my hair, put on clean pyjamas, get my bag ready (if I ironed stuff I guess this would be where I checked that it was done), get into bed nice and early before watching the latest BBC1 Sunday night drama.

This routine lets my body know that it is time to wind down from the excitement of the weekend, whilst ensuring that I am ready for the week.

The weeks where I don’t follow this Sunday routine are quite often total write-offs – as I can’t get into the swing off things until about Tuesday!

Don’t take your work home with you

I totally believe that the less work you take home with you, the more productive you can be when you are actually at work.

Allowing yourself to truly relax at evenings and weekends can not only increase your efficiency when you are at work, but it also means you have much more fun in your own time too. And who doesn’t want that?



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