I went braless for a week and this is what happened

The Growing Up Guide

I have grown up in a society that often argues over whether women should or shouldn’t wear bras. If you don’t, it is sometimes deemed as inappropriate and provocative by some, whilst others are all for it and see it as natural, and more importantly – inoffensive.

It is also often viewed as a highly feminist act, and some have even started calling it a “Feminist Fashion Statement.”

But is it really?

It is also said that not wearing a bra is really good for your health. With all the controversy on the subject, I decided to go braless for a week to see what all the fuss was about, and this is what happened.


Okay, the first day of the experiment. No more bras. Let’s do this.

I didn’t have much to do on Monday other than the school run in the morning and afternoon. Feeling a tad nervous, I decided to wear a baggy t-shirt and hoodie to make myself feel more comfortable and less exposed.

Off I went, and did the world end? No.

Did I feel comfortable? Heck, yeah I did and I felt great. I honestly couldn’t tell you whether people noticed at all, because I was too focused on how good I felt to worry about anyone else.


Another school run day, and another baggy t-shirt and hoodie combination to match. I felt slightly more confident.

One thing I noticed was I felt no pain at all from not wearing a bra – minus the time my 1 year old decided to head butt my chest.

Having smaller sized boobs also meant it was harder to notice if I was or wasn’t wearing a bra, which gave me a confidence boost.


I decided to be braver. Wearing a t-shirt and a cardigan left my experiment slightly more exposed.

Again, no pain and only comfort. No horrible red lines from where the straps had dug in, no feeling like I was being suffocated every time I bent down to pick my children up. FREEDOM.


Okay, we are on the home stretch now and the world hasn’t ended.

Nobody has called me out for not wearing a bra – other than my partner who’s comment was literally, “are you flying free again?” Yes love, yes I am and I absolutely love it.

I didn’t have to leave the house on Thursday, so I spent the day in a baggy top and when people came to visit I didn’t automatically run off to put a bra on – I didn’t even remember to worry about the fact I wasn’t wearing one. Something that was unusual for me, as before the experiment, I would always worry about someone seeing me without one on.


My outfit has now changed to a vest top and tight fitting sweater. If it gets chilly, everyone will know I’m not wearing a bra. But do I care? No. Am I happy? Yes.

No pain, no discomfort. My breathing is normalised and there are no restrictions. I’m feeling even more confident, and slightly thrilled by what I have been doing.

Saturday & Sunday

Having a lazy weekend in my pyjamas, not wearing a bra was pretty much normalised by then. I felt completely different, in a good way. Having not felt any breast related pains at all (other than children related), and having no restricted breathing or any problems had been pure bliss.

It’s safe to say that after a week of going Braless, I was now never going back. The health benefits alone were enough to convert me, yet the ultimate comfort sold me completely.

I would still probably wear a bra every now and then, depending on where I was going or who I was seeing – but that’s to make myself feel more comfortable and not to appease anyone else!

So, if you’re unsure on whether going Braless is something you could do, Try the challenge. You may just be converted too. But if not, that’s okay too.

Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t wear, or what you do and don’t have to! You’re a strong independent woman, and you deserve to feel as comfortable as you can!




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