5 things to do when you’re having a bad hair day

The Growing Up Guide

We all know #WokeUpLikeThis is utter BS. Nobody wakes up with their hair in perfect curls looking like a stylist has been working their magic for hours.

Instead, we wake up with static fringes, frizzy hair and often, drowned in grease. Looking after our hair is something we all know we should do but the effort and time it takes can be so unappealing.

I don’t know about anyone else but I have more bad hair days than good hair days so I’m here to help you out. If you’re having a bad hair day, follow these simple steps to ensure nobody will judge you throughout the day!

Dry shampoo, dry shampoo, dry shampoo!

If you sleep through your alarm and don’t have time to wash your hair in the morning, use dry shampoo!

Granted, after a while it can make your hair feel gross, it’s a brilliant temporary fix if you’re dealing with a greasy mane and you just need it to look presentable for just a few hours.

Whip the straighteners out

If you suffer from crazy, frizzy hair – straighteners are your best friend! If you have a good set, they’ll heat up within seconds and you can quickly straighten all the kinks and curls and nobody will ever guess that you looked like you’d been dragged through a bush shortly before seeing them.

Messy bun

Ah, the classic messy bun. It only takes 0.5 seconds to throw your hair up in a scrunchy so it’s all out of your face. Messy buns can actually look incredibly stylish as well if you do them well.

No make up and a messy bun = on trend.


We’re so lucky that hats are so in fashion at the moment! Whether you can pull off a baker boy hat, a beret, a floppy hat or a beanie – you can cover up your bad hair with them all! It’s just a bonus that they’re also a fashion statement.

French plaits

French plaits are a great way to hide greasy hair as the plaits are so tight to your scalp. They also look adorable! But be warned, once your friends discover you can do french plaits – you’re doomed and designated hairdresser!

On the plus side, they create a lovely wavy look when you take them out so you’re guaranteed a good hair day the following day!

What are your tips for hiding a bad hair day?



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