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10 things you shouldn’t be embarrassed about in your 20’s


Isn’t it so easy to scroll down Instagram and admire all the perfect girls? There are certain things I think to myself every single day when I’m on social media.

“Why is her hair so long and perfect?”
“Why can’t my waist be that tiny?”
“How is her skin so flawless?”

To quote a few…

But it’s 2018. It’s time to embrace our flaws, accept that they make us who we are. Nobody is perfect, we all have scars, bruises and thinks we wish we could change about ourselves but we should be proud of the things that make us different to everybody else!

Being in your 20’s is a bloody confusing time, you constantly compare yourself to others, you’re always doubting yourself and your stuck between being a child and being an adult.

There are many things that us girls get embarrassed about and it’s time to put a stop to this. Let’s all stand together and stop feeling ashamed of the things that ultimately make us who we are.

Here is a list of just a fraction of the things we shouldn’t be embarrassed of in our 20’s:

Body hair

WHO can be bothered to shave in the colder months? So what if your legs are a bit hairy and you have stubble under your armpits? If you can’t be bothered to sit in the shower and shave, nobody should care.

It’s totally acceptable if you feel better in yourself if you have smooth and shiny legs but if it doesn’t bother you, don’t give into the pressure of feeling like you need to shave your entire body every time you jump in the shower!

Not enjoying drinking

Just because someone stares at you and goes “you don’t like drinking? What is WRONG with you?” Doesn’t mean you have to grab the nearest alcoholic beverage and prove to them that you have previously consumed alcohol.

If you don’t like going out or drinking alcohol, you shouldn’t be ashamed. There is a huge stigma around young people drinking now, especially with uni culture. But quite frankly, it isn’t for everyone. And if you don’t enjoy it, that’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about.

Not having a thigh gap

If you have a thigh gap, great! The most important thing is that you love and respect your body. But if you’re constantly worked up about not having a thigh gap and you’re frantically googling “quick ways to get a thigh gap”, just stop.

Accept yourself and most importantly, love yourself. Just because thigh gaps are always plastered over social media and might make you feel like it’s the right thing to have one, doesn’t mean you should be embarrassed if you don’t have one.


Being sensitive

Never apologise for being too sensitive. If you like a good cry at something that others may deem ridiculous, don’t let others judge you. Never apologise for being yourself and if you’re a sensitive person, embrace it!

Always remember, people love you for you and if you’re sensitive, they’ve got to learn to love that too, even if you feel embarrassed by it.

Getting things wrong

So what if you answer a question at school or uni wrong? What’s the worst thing that will happen from that? If you think you know the answer to something, it’s always best to put your hand up and give it a go – in fact, it’s one of the best ways to learn new things!

Please don’t be embarrassed to put your hand up and ask questions or answer questions because you’re scared you’ll say something wrong. Voice your opinion, always!

Having sex with a lot of people

It’s so ridiculous how judged girls get these days for “sleeping around.” While boys get a pat on the back from their mates, girls get bitched about and called sluts. If you want to sleep with someone, just do it. It’s your body and as long as it’s safe and consensual and it makes you happy, just do it!

If you’re embarrassed and scared about girls or boys calling you a slut, it’s probably because they’re either jealous that you’re “getting some” or jealous because they “want some.” Do what you like!

Being a virgin

Touching on the above, if you DON’T want to have sex – that’s more than okay too! If you don’t feel ready or if you want to wait until marriage, that’s incredible and you should be proud of yourself.

It’s so easy to give into peer pressure and have sex with someone for the sake of it and to say you’ve done it and if you can ignore the pressure and do what’s right for you, there is nothing wrong with that and definitely nothing to be embarrassed about! Especially in your 20’s.

And if people really do still care about people not having sex, they need to get with the times and grow up! Nobody talks about it like it’s a taboo anymore and if you do – shame on you.

Your sexuality

We’re living in an age now where equality is probably at its strongest. We’ve got a long way to go but still, you can be out and proud about who you truly are! If you’re not ready for people to know the truth, that’s absolutely fine – you have to put yourself first.

But if you’re a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender… You’re no different to any heterosexual! We are all equal and in 2018, there is certainly nothing to be embarrassed about if you’re not straight. Be proud of who you are and embrace how far we’ve come as a society.


Having an incurable STD

So you made a tiny mistake? That doesn’t make you stupid. It can take one time to transmit an STD and if your friend, partner or a family member has one – you don’t treat them like they’re diseased.

Of course it’s easy to understand why you would feel ashamed but you don’t need to! I’m sure you don’t go shouting about it either but it doesn’t make you any less of a human or any less desirable. Don’t let it control your life! Just stay safe and make sure the people who need to know, know.

Not wanting a “proper job”

What do I even mean when I say proper job? I think I mean, you don’t have to feel embarrassed if you finish uni and don’t want to get yourself an office job or a serious adult job when you’ve just studied for 3-4 years straight.

If you want to go travelling for a bit, do it!
If you want to work in a bar or shop for the foreseeable, do it!

It’s easy to feel like the normal thing to do is to get a job straight away and start adulting but you absolutely don’t have to.

If you do have a job and you enjoy it, that’s amazing! But if you’re currently stuck not knowing what to do and where to go – that’s fine too. You’re only in your 20’s, you don’t need to be tied down to anything!


On a final note, live your life however the f*ck you want to live it.

Appreciate every little moment that makes you happy and enjoy your 20’s because before you know it, you’ll be married with babies wondering where all those disappeared to!

Comment below with something you think we need to stop being embarrassed about!




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