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7 key items to have in your student kitchen cupboard

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University life is tough at the best of times. Add into the equation the small little fact that we are now on our own, and have to fend for ourselves, i.e feed ourselves. Unfortunate, as it may be our parents won’t always be there at every minute to make sure we’ve had our breakfast before we head into a busy day of college (breakfast is the most important meal of the day after all!).

Yeah, we’ll live off pot noodles, pizza and takeaway for a while, but there’s only so much a student can take, and eventually, you’re going to have to use your initiative and actually try to keep a somewhat healthy diet.

Seven foods that a student should always have in their cupboard for any meal, that are also cheap and friendly on a student budget!


These are actually super simple to cook, which means you don’t have to live off takeaways or pot noodles for the duration of your 4 years in college, and they are versatile in the sense that you can join these carbohydrates with a variation of meats and vegetables!


Foods like chicken, fish, and eggs are not only three of the most versatile foods ever, they are super healthy and manageable also! These can quickly crossover from lunch snacks to a dinner with your carbs from above! Mix and match for a variety of versatile dishes!


Maybe in the new chapter of your life, you’ll become more aware that breakfast is an important meal.

Athough you really might not be in the mood for it first thing in the morning, you’ll be thankful for it by the time 11 or 12 o’clock comes around, after a couple of classes with scarce breaks in between.

Cereals are relatively cheap, and a pretty fail-safe breakfast option, for busy students.


An ideal snack for on the go (perhaps second to your good ole’ friend, coffee, but that’s for another point!).

Not only are fruits super healthy, and make you feel a little bit better about yourself, but fruits such as apples and pears contain fibre which fills you for longer than a chocolate bar!

Frozen veg

From broccoli and cauliflower to mixed frozen peppers the choice is broad! Not only are you getting one of your 5 a day with a side of veg on your plate during your dinner, but these are very cheap in Aldi and Lidl.

It lasts ages and frozen veg is so easy to manage. The bonus is that there is rarely any waste alike fresh veg. Frozen veg is also super quick and easy to cook.

Tea  & coffee

It’s no secret that the typical student day is filled with mountains and mountains of coffee.

It’s just a bare necessity, so a big jar of coffee in your cupboard, readily available for those nights you’ll be up until all hours banging out that 2000 word assignment that is due for 9am the next morning. Coffee pretty much equivalates to a student’s best friend, and having a jar at home is way cheaper than buying on the go!


Again, a bare necessity! Though some people may like their coffee super super strong, there is still the need of milk for your cereals in the morning!! As we all know, breakfast is the key meal of the day, and cereal in the morning is such a simple breakfast, that is actually quite healthy in some cases!



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