Why you should join a society at uni

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University is a big adventure. Not only because you are stepping out into the world, furthering your education and maybe even moving away from home but because there is so much on offer to get involved in and broaden your horizons.

It’s not just an education, it’s an experience. During my own personal university experience, I was a member of the dance society, organized bake sales, studied basic Italian, and even marched in a student protest.

Universities have a wide range of student societies and clubs for you to join and joining one will always be beneficial.

Enjoy a hobby

Whether it is an existing hobby or you try out a new hobby, joining a society is a great way to enjoy that hobby and give you some time and space away from studying.

University is a lot of work but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take time to do things that you enjoy.

Enjoying a hobby will give you some much-needed time to de-stress and enjoy life.

Learn and enhance skills

Societies are a great way to learn new skills and enhance existing ones.

The catalogue of societies is so diverse than you can develop skills in any area you wish.

You could learn a new language, gain experience organizing events or explore your creativity.

Make new friends

You are allowed friends outside of your course. The more people you encounter during university, the more well-rounded your experience will be.

Whilst you will have a lot in common with the people on your course because you are studying the same thing, it doesn’t necessarily mean they are your tribe.

Your course does not define you and there is a lot more depth to you than just your course so you may find that you connect with people outside of your area of study also.

There is no harm in having different friendship groups.

Make a difference

Societies are not all just about hobbies but some societies can really make a difference.

You can fundraise, you can volunteer, you can discuss politics, you can support mental health and you can create awareness amongst many things.

Whilst these can all be enjoyable, they will also act as incredibly valuable experience and will help add some good into the world.

Connections, contacts, and networking

The more people you meet and connect with at university, the more beneficial your experience will be.

Through clubs and societies, you might network with people who can help you with your education, your future developments and even, your chosen career.

Networking is a great way of creating valuable contacts and you will only make these contacts by getting involved and interacting.

Add to your CV

The end goal of university is obviously your chosen career so your CV is hugely important. The more you have on your CV, the more appealing you are to a prospective employer.

Whilst relevant societies will obviously be fabulous and show your dedication, it also doesn’t hurt to add the odd extra-curricular thing to your CV which may not be relevant. Showing other passions, interests and involvement demonstrates that you are a well-rounded individual.



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