The 8 things that annoy baristas

The Growing Up Guide - The 8 things that annoy baristas

If you’ve ever worked in a coffee shop, you will know being a barista is hard work. Whether it’s a massive coffee chain or a smaller independent shop, here are a few of things that unite baristas together in annoyance.

The complex orders paradox

Everyone has their special drink. It may be an extra hot skinny cappuccino with extra chocolate or a soya iced chai latte with a shot of vanilla.

Whatever it is, it’s great to let your barista know how you like your coffee. After all, that is what you’re paying for.

But it gets past the point of ridiculous when a drink is so complex you need a manual to make it.

There are bonus points in ‘how to annoy your barista’ to be gained if you come in 5 minutes before closing time and order the most complex drink known to man.

Forgetting your order.

And this brings us swiftly onto another common pet peeve.

Remembering your complex drink order when it comes to collecting is key.

When a barista makes hundreds of drinks per day, asking the question ‘Is this mine?’, probably isn’t going to get the desired response.

Staring at the barista whilst they’re making your drink

Like most jobs, coffee-making can be stressful. There are usually a large number of drink orders sitting there asking to be made, targets are expected to be met and efficiencies to be achieved.

With that said, there is a fine line between politely looking at the person making your coffee Vs. staring at every action they do to ensure your drink is made to perfection (and at speed).

Ordering whilst on the phone

Not only is this confusing when taking someone’s order – it’s also rude.

Although you have got to give credit where credit is due, so hats off to you for managing two conversations at once, but please let’s save the phone conversations about your wild night out until after you order – thank you.

The Growing Up Guide - The 8 things that annoy baristas

Voluntarily providing the spelling of your name

When staff at a well-known coffee shop ask for your order, it’s usually in a bid to appear more friendly and manage the flow of people more effectively.

However, there are always a few people who insist their name is spelt correctly, ‘It’s Stephen. With a PH’ …. or ‘Lucy with a Y not an IE’ – the various combinations are never-ending

When you blame the barista for the price of your drink

The price of coffee has been rapidly increasing due to the shortages of coffee beans caused by severe drought and dryness in Brazil, Vietnam and Indonesia. Inadvertently this means your morning coffee is going to become a pricier segment of your routine.

That however, does not mean the constant questions of ‘why is it so expensive?’ and ‘are you sure you’ve charged me correctly for what I ordered?’ have to be asked to baristas all day, every day.

And let’s stop ordering two shots of espresso and a cup of hot water. We all know you want an Americano but are trying to get your drink at a much cheaper price.

Lack of decent human conversation

You’d think a normal conversation between barista and customer would go along the lines of…

Barista: ‘Hi – how are you doing today?’

Customer: ‘I’m fine thank you – how are you?’

Barista: ‘I’m good thanks – what can I get you to drink?’

Customer: ‘I’ll have a *insert drink here*’

It’s understandable that everyone is in a rush but where is the humanity? Just because you haven’t had your morning coffee yet, doesn’t mean you get to robotically state what you want. Baristas deserve to be treated like humans too.

Staying without paying

If you’re studying or want a different work environment to work in, coffee shops are often great places to get stuff done. However, like most places you can’t out stay your welcome without being prepared to buy something.

That bottle of water you bought 5 hours ago just won’t cut it if you’re using the wi-fi, redecorating the seating area by pushing all the tables together and using the all the plug points to power your laptop, phone and printer (you’d be surprised).

Being a barista is a great job to develop new skills and interact with a range of different people. It is also one of those jobs where aspects of it can make you annoyed/laugh.




  1. Wow this takes me right back to my uni job 😂 so true! People that thought they had overly complex orders so would say one part of it at a time as if you were stupid 🙄 or people having a fit because you put whipped cream on their hot chocolate or something and then moaning they didn’t want it even though they never told you! All you can do is laugh 😂😂😂


    1. Ha – I missed that one off the list but such a great point – so true. If you don’t laugh at these little things baristas have to go through, it’ll drive you crazy!

      Liked by 1 person

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