How to stand out at work

The Growing Up Guide
Whether you’re just at the beginning of your career or if it’s already been a while since you started your position at work, that ‘I want more’ moment can always arrive.
Most of us connect this moment to ‘it’s time to look for another job’. However, sometimes looking more in-depth at the possibilities available in your current workplace might bring you great achievement and satisfaction, without necessarily changing the environment.
This doesn’t mean that it’s easier than looking for a new job though!
Demonstrating that you want more out of your job and that you have the capabilities and attitude to do so, takes time and hard work. Because of this, the first thing you should ask yourself is: ‘Am I willing to put in more effort, alongside already putting in the graft for my daily tasks’?
If the answer is yes. Here are 3 points on how to stand out in your workplace and satisfy the desire to take on more.

Understand who you have to impress

“Oh well, that’s my boss!” you’ll say.
Actually, in most of the cases, there are other people besides your boss, who have an influence on your boss!
Do not underestimate the ‘power’ and opinions others form of you, as these people might be the middle-man between you and your boss. And most of the times when these people are impressed by you and your work, they will report it to your boss.
The key is not to just understand who these people are, it’s also about understanding their personality.
When are they more productive? When are they more likely to react positively to your requests? What are their weaknesses that you could tap into and propose yourself as “useful help”? Are they often talking about issues they’re concerned with besides work (like family stuff)?
You might not be bothered by it, but a simple question like ‘how are your kids?’ or ‘how was your weekend?’ shows you are interested and that you care.
I know this might sound kinda creepy to analyse these people in this specific way, but it might turn out to be your secret weapon in helping to stand out amongst your co-workers.

Get noticed

Once you’ve pinpointed the person/people to impress…Do they know who you are?
Start to make yourself visible! Think outside your ‘daily tasks’ box. What are those little extras you can work on to get them to notice you?
This might even include activities not directly related to your job but activities your company organizes or takes part, in which you can participate too. If this is not the case, try considering stuff that has to be done which no one has really time to get done.
I know you’ll be saying ‘Really, do I have to?’ with the next tip, however another great idea to stand out in the workplace is by staying a little longer than your fixed contractual hours.
Running away from your workplace as soon as the clock strikes the hour, is not a really good way to impress. By staying a little longer (even just 20-30 minutes), it shows you’re committed to what you’re doing.

Work hard for it

If you really want to get noticed, there’s no way you can escape this point.
Working hard (even extra hard) is not a thing that comes easily. That’s why not everyone does it and why this can be your biggest asset. Working hard might also mean getting out of your comfort zone and doing stuff you’re not normally used to.
When you have a goal (of getting noticed in this case) and are determined to achieve it – you try your best to get on with it. Tap into projects that you know might be of interest for the people you’ve got to impress and see them as a personal work which will enable you to get where you want to be.



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