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Why it doesn’t always have to be designer

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What kind of world are we all living in. Raise your hand if you can go out and just buy a designer item straight away?

Yep, didn’t see a lot of hands up then, it’s a tough time money wise. Sometimes it’s not always about money, you just don’t want that designer price, but in a world full of cheaper alternatives why would you wanna pay so much anyway.

We associate a designer price tag as something we have to have, you’ve almost made it in life if you can afford something at a high price tag. But why? why are we so shallow to this extent.

Yes, some designer pieces are better quality, but the price is a lot and for some pieces, the trends wash out and your love for them fades away. It’s hard to follow trends and stick with the designer high street, new stock constantly comes in and unless you have that constant money tree living that trend designer life is a lot.

So why not invest in some dupes, or even support an independent brand.

So why not talk about some money loving shops?

There’s plenty of places that offer good clothes whether that be a nice pair of trainers to a nice choker across the high street. It doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet and you’re guaranteed to love it all.

Stores like New look really get overlooked when it comes to accessories and shoes. They do amazing trainers and heels all year round. They’re always comfy and bang on trend and money wise they really do well here. I picked out a couple of styles that are a spot on the winner for those designer items.

First up is this black crocodile effect slip on shoes, very similar to vans with this style. They remind me a lot of the style Kurt Geiger tend to do, brands like Tommy Hilfiger and even Michael Kors have this slip-on style.

New Look is also bang on when it comes to their loafers. They always have the best quality for the price and you can already get a good deal. This red leather pair really gives off the Gucci vibes. You happily won’t need to spend £600 on these.

If you want a flattering style they do so many different ones, it’s the best place to head to if you wanna copy some designer brands and still have comfy shoes, why should you comprise either of them.

Some pieces should never cost a fortune, it’s not hard to save a bit of money and still have some nice items.

Designer items can cost a lot and why should we always pay that price? It’s about time we support other brands and refuse to pay that high price and save a little bit of money here and there.



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