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16 things we wish we hadn’t done to our bodies

The Growing Up Guide

With a new month comes new days to make new mistakes and learn from them. Now we could just let you go off into summer and learn all of these mistakes for yourself but the truth is we’re not that mean.

The Growing Up Guide Editors decided as a gift to you we would let you all in on a little secret or two, in the hope that you don’t make the same mistakes we did.

Iron your hair

Now we all remember that iconic Bridget Jones moment when she starts ironing her hair only to realise what a mistake she has made.

You would think that it doesn’t happen in everyday life because it just sounds bonkers – but it does. Don’t do it girls.

Shaving eyebrows

The best advice we can give you when it comes to your brows is to just don’t touch them. Leave them alone!

Go to a professional to get them done if you need them plucked, waxed or threaded. DO NOT SHAVE THEM OFF! Whatever you do, don’t grab that razor!

Cutting your own fringe

When you have bangs, a full fringe or one of those side fringes it can be so tempted to grab the scissors and do it yourself. I made this mistake once myself.

I thought how hard can it be – turns out it was very noticeable what I had done and I had to get my Mum to even it out.

Peeled off sunburnt skin

At first it sounds like a good idea. Get the damaged skin off and let the new skin breath. You start to peel and then you can’t stop. It’s just never-ending and before you know it you’ve got these weird skin patches all over your body.

Picked at a mole

No matter what you do. No matter how big, itchy or hairy it is. do not touch moles. Don’t pick at them. Don’t scratch them off. Don’t pluck them.

If you have any issues or worries about moles on your body ALWAYS go and see a doctor about it!

Dying hair

There’s nothing wrong with dying your hair. But doing it too much can really damage your hair, and then there’s no going back. Here’s how to tell if you should put the dye down.

Shaving down there

Like hair dying, there’s nothing wrong with shaving down there but if you don’t have to then why bother? Your intimate areas are just that – intimate. Don’t fuss with it.

Wearing extensions

They sound like a great idea at first but then you come to take them out. If you’re lucky they won’t rip your hair out. Otherwise you’ll be left with some thinner areas.

Biting nails

It’s a bad habit that so many people are guilty of. It could be down to nerves, boredom or just because you need to get a split nail off. But biting them can really damage your nails.

Not looking after piercings

Now when they say DON’T TAKE YOUR EARRINGS OUT FOR 3 MONTHS. What they really mean is DON’T TAKE YOUR EARRINGS OUT FOR 3 MONTHS – but still take them out every so often to clean your ears. The last thing you want is your ears going green from an infection.

Concealer lips

Just no.

Black whole eye eyeliner

Tip: It doesn’t make your eyes look bigger or sexy.

Blue Mascara

How this was a thing we don’t know but let’s be real. Mascara is all about adding to your normal lashes, not turning them blue, pink or green.

The line of foundation

Always blend. Always. No matter what. There’s no excuse.

Back combing hair

There are so many other ways to achieve volume without damaging your hair, knotting it up and back combing it. We’re not in the 80’s anymore.

Fad diets

Do not feel like you need to go on a diet, but if you want to for your own reasons then just eat a healthy balanced diets. These shakes, crash diets and tea detoxing can just muck up your insides and they might be a quick fix, but they rarely last.



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