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Why it’s ok to change career paths

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If you’ve studied or trained for a career, put hours and hours of hard work and dedication into studying or earning qualifications so you can pursue a certain career path, you know how rewarding it is when you finally get to where you want to be. 

So, what happens if you decide that you don’t want to do that anymore?

The path you chose might not excite you anymore, or you might decide you no longer like the field you’re in.

Sometimes you’ll never know until you properly try it; there’s only so much you can gauge from a week’s work experience!

It’s such a difficult decision to reach and the fear of the unknown, or not wanting to “throw away” your hard work might force you to stay put for the sake of it.

Not wanting to disappoint anyone, like your parents, or be a source of family gossip, is another reason you might be scared to throw the towel in. 

But let me tell you a secret, it’s okay to want to change career path. 

Take me, for example, I studied for four years and spent two years training to become a qualified Solicitor, only to decide at the end of my training, that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.

Queue many comments and disappointment from parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles and people in general.

All the years of student loans, £10k worth of career and professional development loans, hours and hours of hard work and studying and long hours and late nights working, all for nothing.

Expect that it wasn’t for nothing. Because all the things you learn along the way are what shape you into the person you are today.

The experiences you have help to mould you into a stronger and wiser person. All the skills you gain from studying or training are most likely going to be extremely transferable into another job role or career path. 

I decided that instead of working as a Solicitor, I wanted to go into marketing as I really enjoyed the digital marketing side of my blog and thought it would be an enjoyable career to pursue.

Therefore, my communication skills, organisation, time management, writing and team working skills gained from my education and work experience, will all help me in my new career path.

Granted my knowledge needed improving a bit, but that’s okay because I’m doing something that I’m passionate about and want to learn about, which makes it easier. 

To prove that I wanted to do marketing and learn about that subject, I interned unpaid at a marketing agency a few days a week alongside a part-time job to gain the experience needed to get a job in marketing.

Now I’m a marketing executive at a law firm, which combines my passion with my qualifications and knowledge of law firms. 

It might take a little time to get to the new career path, but “starting at the bottom” so to speak doesn’t really matter if it’s a job you’re happy doing. 

Whatever your skills and knowledge are, there is something out there that you will enjoy.

Don’t be disheartened about not wanting to do what you first chose, turn it around into what you can do. It’s okay to change your mind because as we get older we grow and change our tastes and passions and it isn’t a bad thing to crave a change.

We won’t all want to do what we had to decide at the age of 18! 

Don’t let the fear disappointing people put you off following your passions, because at the end of the day it’s your life and your decision. They will eventually have no choice but to accept you for who you are and what you want to do.

Most people will just be happy that you’re happy in your new role. 

So go ahead and don’t be afraid to change your career, just make sure you prove that passion by backing it up and gaining some experience and showing that the skills you already have will still be useful.  




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