How to bring colour into your black wardrobe

The Growing Up Guide

It’s hard to break out of your comfort zone sometimes, I hold my hands up and say I did get used to having a full black wardrobe for a very long time.

It’s just the convenience of having something that will go with anything. There isn’t any real risk of breaking out with such a plain neutral color, but you know it’s time to switch it up and that time is now.


Reinvent your favourite pieces

Get out all your black pieces from your wardrobe and let’s talk about reinventing them.

Stop going straight for the simple black jeans when shopping. You might already know what to pair them with but this will not help your dark wardrobe going forward. These just scream summer!

Instead why not try a lighter color denim, heck, go all out and get a bright colour like red or pink. It’s about time we shake things up and inject some color in very simple ways.

The little things

Accessories are simple and affordable and if you can’t hack it or get annoyed by them you just take them off throughout the day.

You’d be surprised how much of a difference a colorful accessory can do. From some statement accessories to a necklace or even treating yourself to a new bag. It’s not something that you pushes too far but it gets you into something different.


If you want to really go all out give these embroidered rose tassel earrings are perfect! I love a tassel earring, they make a statement easily and these ones aren’t too out there.

You can’t sit there and tell me the embroidered roses aren’t adorable. This is something you could wear with a whole black outfit if you wanted to stick with it but still be adding that pop of color and breaking out the all-black wardrobe bit by bit.

If you want to venture out with a bag instead, this orange one from River Island is the perfect escape from the all-black wardrobe. It has that pop of color which is bang on trend for summer and the lightweight easy style goes well with anything.

You could use this for work or every day and get everything but the kitchen sink in it. There are some interior zip pockets which for a tote bag like this it is a MUST! I hate having a bag that is so open like this and not having anything to secure all my bits so having some zips works great.


If you wanna grab a pair of shoes to go with them then I’ve found two pairs that are great for this time of year.

The first is a dreamy pair of red heels from Bershka that have stolen my heart £35.99. They’ve got a platform heel so you have that added comfort all summer long and the knot detail at the front gives them a bit of edge.

Dress them up with a pair of tights in the autumn or wear them all through the Summer. It’s great to get a pair that I could use all year round that isn’t just plain black.

If you still want to stick with black but wanna switch it up I’ve found this pair of embroidered platform sandals from Glamorous. They have this amazing platform style and the embroidered detail is a lovely little touch. Although these are still black they’re a great starting point and gonna be a lovely addition to summer.


Go all out

If you want to really break the black wardrobe then why not go for a bit of rainbow. I love the rainbow stripe trend at the moment and this dress is gonna be perfect. It can be worn on its own or when it’s colder a pair of tights will work a treat.

This could be dressed up or down and if you pair it with a leather jacket then it’s a great little detail. It has a great stretchy feel to it, allowing you to feel comfy all day and come on who wouldn’t want this in their wardrobe?

And there we have it, to break the black wardrobe ban go small and build yourself up.

If you’re feeling the plunge then jump out of the wardrobe straight away and get into a wardrobe full of color. Let me know down below if you’ve ever wanted to get rid of the all-black wardrobe and switch it up a bit.





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