How to master the art of digital networking

The Growing Up Guide Networking career advice

Networking is one of the main ways to reach an audience.

From events to apps and professional associations to websites – it’s great to have a presence in the public. However, as we live in a digital world, it’s becoming increasingly important to utilise social media to help you spread the word quicker.

Networking is a simple thing to do once you’ve got the hang of it. There isn’t a simple and clear guide on how to do it – But I’ve got some of my top tips on how to network and get your name out there.


I never realized how much of an essential this was until I first created my account.

LinkedIn is like Facebook but for jobs. It allows you to upload an online C.V and also  grow your connections, find jobs, internships and catch up with peers.

As a University student, this is essential for me. It’s great for getting prepared prior to graduating, finding jobs that are tailored to your preferences/skill set and accumulating the links before going into the big wide world.

LinkedIn it’s a great place to show off everything you can do – you can even have people accredit your skills.

For me it has changed the game. My account sets out my education, my part-time job and even allows me to talk all about my blog and what I do for The Growing Up Guide. I never would’ve thought I could mention all of this in a CV which is shared across the world to find the perfect job.


If you’re looking to branch into social media then Buffer is the one.

Buffer has become a major part of my social media life this past year.

From tweets to Instagram posts to even Pinterest, Buffer allows you to plan and schedule posts –  which is great if you’re like me and can’t be on my phone sharing everything 24/7.

If you upgrade to the premium tool you can schedule up to 100 posts.

It’s great to get into a routine where I know what is happening and what content is going through my feeds. Not only this, but you can check out your analytics and see what posts are the most popular and the ones you can afford to avoid.

When life gets very busy, it’s great to have something like Buffer. The platform is open to both businesses and individuals – and you can even add multiple people to the account to ensure posts are always scheduled.

Get Creative

Networking can happen in several ways. In time, you will find what is best for you.

I always say the best way to start is by brainstorming ideas.

Although digital networking has its importance, keeping a diary is also beneficial. Personally, I love having a diary that tracks everything. Making (and sticking to) a plan for my schedule and then assessing the analytics to see what worked well and what didn’t is great when it’s assisted by a diary that allows me to go back and tick things off.

Networking is hit and miss. It’s all about trying different things. Sometimes it may work, whereas other times it might not – algorithms really play into the mix when it comes to digital networking.

Have a little patience and you’ll see the results start to appear.




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