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10 baby gender reveal ideas

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Having a new baby is a super exciting thing, and one of the things many look forward to is finding out whether the new arrival will be a boy or girl!

One thing that is becoming popular is big Gender Reveals – whether it’s a party, social media post or doing something small and intimate for immediate family. Whilst some people wait until their child is born to find out the baby’s gender, and then do some sort of announcement then.

Alongside seeing hundreds of videos online of all the different ways couples have done their own gender reveals, I have also experienced some of my own from family and friends; and from my own gender reveal with my children.

I decided to put together an inspiration list of different ways you can announce your own baby’s gender!


This idea is increasingly popular and can be done in different ways. I have seen countless videos of couples opening a large box to reveal pink or blue balloons to represent whether they are having a boy or girl  (or in some cases both for twins!).

Often it is even a surprise for the couple, and it is done by asking their Sonographer not to tell them the gender at their scan, but rather write it down in a sealed envelope.

This envelope is then taken to a party shop, and the couple will ask the employees to fill up their cardboard box with either pink or blue balloons based on the result.

Another balloon idea that I discovered through friends, was to fill a large black balloon with either pink or blue confetti.

The couple had a Gender Reveal Party and together burst this balloon with all of their friends and family, revealing both to them and themselves that they were having a little boy!

Similarly I have seen people use this idea in the form of a game of darts, with the answer hidden in one balloon in the midst of many.

Cards & presents

This idea was personal to myself. Just before Christmas 2016, I had my 20 week scan whilst pregnant with my son, Oliver.

My other half was determined he didn’t want to know until Christmas and wanted us to have it written down in a Christmas card to open on Christmas day to reveal whether we were having another little girl or a little boy!

However, I was too excited and found out before him and came up with another idea for him – Christmas present. I asked my Sonographer to tell me in private, and then surprised my other half on Christmas day with a box full of baby clothes and shoes for our little boy!

Keepsake bags

Some family members did this lovely little idea when revealing that they were having their second little boy.

They made up several mini black pouches full of little blue objects – such as teddy bear beads, tiny dummy beads, confetti and other various bits. They then gave these to their people to open!

I personally loved this idea because it created something you could keep forever!


This idea is hugely popular and it’s easy to see why! The most common one often done by people is to have a cake that is plainly decorated on the outside, but on the inside it has been coloured either pink or blue!

Other ones I have seen are where cupcakes are filled with either coloured sprinkles which fall out once bitten into. Or, similarly to the Balloon idea, couples will have the gender written down and handed to a bakery for them to decorate a surprise cake for a boy or girl.


Sometimes people will take a photograph of themselves holding something to represent whether they are having a boy or girl. It could be a piece of clothing, shoes, teddy bears, signs or something different. Some even wear t-shirts saying what they are having or even go as far as painting their bumps!

This is something that can be framed, put in an album and kept forever as well as being something that you could have a lot of fun with. Another one I have often see involves an older sibling – somethings holiday a sign or again something to represent who their younger brother or sister will be!


The internet is full of hilarious and adorable videos of couples or siblings revealing the gender of the new baby. With social media being so popular nowadays, it’s easy for people to reveal to a wider audience what is going on in their lives.

One of my cousins did a lovely video which panned around the room to then reveal her wearing a white top and holding onto her gorgeous bump. When she removed her hands, blue hand prints were left behind!

Other reveals I have seen, and you may have too are often the funny reactions from older siblings. Often they involve a lot of crying because the baby isn’t the little brother or sister that they wanted, or lots of excited squealing!

These videos are adorable and also brilliant for the siblings, as becoming an older brother or sister is a huge thing for them and getting them involved as much possible is extremely important.

A video is also a great way to broadcast any of the other ideas I have mentioned to a wider audience. Therefore no important to you will miss out on the big news.

Party poppers

Another great party idea is to purchase personalised party poppers, which when triggered will reveal the gender of your baby. This is also something you can do in a video. You can order these online, or you can potentially get some from your nearest party shop!

Powder paint

Powder Paint bombs are a hugely fun way to reveal the gender of your child. They are available to order online or get the powder paint from your nearest craft store and follow some online DIY tutorials to make your own!

Scratch cards

Did you know you can order personalised Scratch Cards online? Or you can easily make your own! These little keepsakes are a lovely and unique little way to reveal your baby’s gender, and the result is something that can be kept forever!

Riddle game

I have seen a few videos online where the couple has asked their Sonographer to write the gender down, and trusted it to a family member or friend, asking them to do something special for them.

These riddles are often held at reveal parties or baby showers and are sometimes hilariously insane, and have the couple travelling here, there and everywhere before they can find out!

There are so many amazing ideas out there on the internet for you to use if you wish to.

Or you might have something different you have done or are going to do. Or you may be somebody that didn’t want to learn your baby’s gender or won’t when you have your own.



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