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The essentials you need to take to university

The Growing Up Guide

One of the many adulting stresses in life is packing. Packing to move out, packing for a holiday, or even packing for a business meeting. But for many young people, this summer will consist of frantically figuring out what to pack for university.

It can easily and quickly get very overwhelming, so here at The Growing Up Guide, we’ve created a list of all the essentials you need to take to university.


In most of the accommodation that is provided for students, you tend to be given basic room furnishings e.g. a desk, chair, wardrobe, mattress etc, so we’ll be tackling all the essentials you need to make it feel like home. Here are a few of the key things that you’ll need:

  • A doorstop – A great way of staying sociable out of the kitchen.
  • Cushions upon cushions – A true way of making that university prison bed look like #roomgoals.
  • A fluffy blanket – Bringing snug onto the next level.
  • Your favourite dressing gown – The best way to improve any mood.
  • A clutch bag – An essential for fresher’s week, and nearly always forgotten when packing.
  • Important documents – Passports/ID, acceptance letters, and most importantly your bank card (loaded with an overdraft of course!).
  • Fairy lights – Making even a murder scene look cute.
  • Photos from home – To help you get through that dreaded homesickness.


Just like the furniture that is sometimes provided for your bedroom, you’ll often find that kitchen spaces are kitted out too. But if you find you’re missing that vital toaster for late night snacks, you can find one cheap from your local supermarket. Other than that, here are a few of the essential items you may forget about:

  • Tupperware containers – For when you undoubtedly cook a meal for four by mistake.
  • A recipe book – Well needed when bolognese becomes a daily meal.
  • Oven gloves – Often overlooked, but much needed.
  • A colander – Slowly draining water out of the side of your pan can be very time consuming.
  • Washing up liquid and a sponge – Don’t be that person who leaves their plates on the side for days.
  • A swiss army knife – Yes, it sounds weird. But there’s a bottle opener, a corkscrew, and more in one device!


Once you’ve ensured that all of the bases are covered in terms of your basics, we suggest bringing along a few of these extra bits and pieces that may help you during your uni experience:

  • A memory stick – Vital for backing up all those essays.
  • Earplugs – For when you’ve got a 9am, but the flat above you wants to party until the sunrise.
  • A calendar or a diary – To keep track of all your upcoming assessments and social events.
  • An alarm clock – You can never truly trust your phone alarm; take it from someone who has been there.
  • Air freshener – Your flatmates will treat you like a god when you whip this out after one culprit has well and truly christened the loo.
  • Toilet roll – Just keep one spare in your room, just in case…



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