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5 ways to make your university room feel like home

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We’re getting to that time where it’s time to begin thinking about University. It can be quite daunting moving out and settling into a college dorm.

I had mixed emotions on the day and it was really weird for the first couple of weeks but I kinda found it as a new time to express myself.

I decorated the place the best I could and really have made it my own. Everything I have done hasn’t cost a lot and it’s made everything my own, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s good to switch it up and try something new so let’s get to the 5 ways to make your college dorm more homely.


You may think it’s weird now but photos of family and friends, or even just a place you like can really help. It’s a tip everyone will tell you, and I didn’t realize how much it mattered til it hit Christmas.

It’s a hard amount of time to go without really seeing your family so it’s good to have something to remind you of them.

Home comforts

They can be as big or as small as you like. For me, bringing my favorite pillow was a must. I can be an awkward sleeper and it was nice to have something from home to bring with me.

It was nice to look at a room that would never really be mine and still have something there that belonged to me.

Get stuff you want

In my first year, I went out with a list of stuff I needed and spent a lot of time picking everything out. I didn’t rush and panic-buy everything at the last minute as it wouldn’t have been as fun.

I felt more at ease having everything organized and to my liking when I moved out. It didn’t feel like I was living in some weird hotel it felt like my place and I could make it my own.

Bedding is a big one, you wouldn’t expect it but trust me that bed in the first year becomes a sacred place.


Posters may not be your thing but consider having something on those walls at least. It seems fine at first but when you’re walking around and looking at the same blank walls that aren’t like at home it can get really lonely.

I have a couple of posters and prints up and it makes it feel more at home. Plus, if you use some trusty blue- tack you can take them home with you and you won’t have to pay for any chipped paint either.

Venture out

Now, this may be a bit of a weird tip but your room won’t feel homely if you’re always in it for different things.

I really struggled to find my room as a place I could relax in as I was always in there doing work, it felt like I was living in an office rather than a bedroom. Once I spent more time out of my room and made more use of my room for relaxing and sleeping I felt more at ease.

A room can feel more homely if you use it for the right things.




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