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It’s mental health week, and for me this week is all about people finally accepting mental health. It’s about time we start to offer help and support to people rather than ignoring them all the time.

We can help in so many ways, apart from just spreading awareness.

Personally I wish I had found out about differnet ways people cope with their mental health apart from therapy and medication.

So that’s why I’m sharing some of the things that have helped me and other people in day-to-day life. They are all simple things that really have made a difference.

The first is keeping a diary. It’s nice to have something that I can log anything into. I have a lot of anxiety and I can sometimes find myself forgetting things or feeling pressured to remember everything.

It’s good to have a diary to note anything in, and if you’re someone who loves a routine it’s great to track everything in there and be able to tick off something when it’s done.

There isn’t anything better than ticking off something on a list.

Speaking of lists, it’s good to have a list that breaks everything down.  I often feel an overload of information rush through where I have so much to do and it becomes hard to tackle day-to-day.

Having a list helps to keep you calm.

There are so many you can get especially this one from Paperchase that allows you to organize things as the priority. It can seem like everything needs to be done instantly, but a priority list allows you to relax and take each thing at a time.

The next thing is some form of exercise, now I’m holding my hands up and admitting I have a real hate for cardio. Unless it’s dancing I’m not interested.

But swimming is a whole differnt ball game. It’s relaxing and the best thing is you can tailor it to you. I aim for 30 minutes of swimming at least 3-4 times a week. It gives me time to be away from my phone and let my mind run free for a bit.

Exercise helps to keep your mind relaxed and allows you to focus on something else, you have to focus on the exercise so everything else has to take a back seat.

If you want something more linked to your phone, Headspace is a good app to help you switch off.

I like to take a couple minutes out of each day to relax and work on some mindfulness. It’s nice to have time away to just relax and focus on my breathing, it’s not something you see to be important until you start giving it a go. I feel more relaxed and calm, especially if you struggle sleeping give this a go.

The Calm app is another great one to use.

You can either buy the app or the book. This aims to help you process each day, reflecting on how everything has gone that day. As well as including activities every now and then.

It’s about doing what you can each day to make things easier, for my therapy and medication can help. But there are more things that can be worked into your life that can help. Let me know down below, what is helpful for you and what your go to’s are.

It’s time we spread more awareness about mental health issues and allowing people to open up.



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