6 things to do in your 20s that will make you successful later on

Th Growing Up Guide - 6 Things You Can Do In Your Early Twenties That Will Make You Successful Later OnThe first decade of your adult life is an important transitioning period.

You may not know what you want to do or where you want to live, and that’s absolutely fine. The most successful of people didn’t have a clue what they wanted to do at such a young age.

One of the most common questions asked to successful businesspeople, actors, politicians, artists, philanthropists etc. is ‘If you could tell your younger self one thing, what would it be and why?’

Whilst I’m a strong believer that success has no age boundaries and we shouldn’t put an age threshold on assessing how successful we are, there are always a few ways to get to get ahead of the game…

Don’t give up

Whether it’s getting fired or falling at the last stage of the interview process for your dream job or watching your own company fail.  There will be a time where we all have to face rejection. And that’s okay.

A recent article of mine talked about failure – how it is so important to get up and bounce back when we are faced with an obstacle. Those who have experienced failure and learnt from their mistakes, have earned the right to be successful.

There’s no better time to fail than your early 20s.

Don’t follow money

As cliché as it sounds, follow your passions.

Those who are most successful are successful because they exert the time and effort into an activity they are truly passionate about. Taking a job because it has a good pay package is all well and good, but there are also the effects a job has on your mental health and happiness to consider.

Be agile

Of course it’s great to have visions of where you want to be in the long-term.

However, to ensure you learn from as many opportunities as possible, it is best to keep yourself flexible and open to new experiences in the early stages of your career.

Take risks

This is also an excuse to be selfish.

With an increasing number of millennials delaying marriage and holding off starting a family, your younger years are a great time to focus on you. Not being tied down to anything allows us to make leaps of faith (within reason).

Be a sponge

Read as much as you can, network non-stop, shadow people you admire and take every opportunity you can to learn from the best.

Knowledge is power.

The first few years of your career lay the foundations and allow you to assimilate the skills required to smash your goals at a later stage.

Engage with those who are smarter or more successful than you. Everyone loves a good inspiration. Whether that’s your mum, your boss, an investor or teacher you admired….most of the knowledge you absorb is from those around you.

Another way to do this is by gaining practical experience and learning more about the areas you are interested in. When I was 16 I took my first unpaid internship at a law firm. Looking back, I am extremely grateful for the contacts and knowledge this short insight gave me.

Not only is absorbing as much as we can beneficial to our progression but also our mindset. A wise man told me to never stop learning until you’re dead.

Learn another language

On the same theme as leaning and absorbing as much you can, learning as new language is a great thing you can do now in order to expand your skill set and stand out to employers later in life.

We live in a very interconnected world, where an unprecedented number of people are choosing to work abroad.

I’m currently in a role where the geographical span is Europe, Middle East and Africa region. Whilst I’m not fluent in every single language, knowing the basics of a few languages has helped me to understand more about the people and cultures I’m working with, as well as helping to improve other crucial business skills.



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