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How to arrive fresh as a daisy when traveling

Photo by Dan 7Kidz on Unsplash

It’s easy to dream of faraway destinations but getting there is a whole lot more difficult.

We’re a wanderlust generation who want to travel to every corner of the world but travelling the distance takes a long time and there is nothing worse than jet-lag when you reach the other side.

No one wants to step off a flight looking like a hot mess, especially if you arrive when the rest of the day is ahead of you.

Often, it is easier to stay awake to try to get yourself back into a routine quicker. If you get into a nocturnal cycle, the longer you stay in it, the harder it will be to get out.

And when you’re in holiday mode, you don’t want to waste your first day catching up on sleep so you power through.

The only problem with this is that you then arrive and spend the first day looking and feeling jet-lagged… and that ain’t gonna look good for the gram nor is it a great way to feel when you’re trying to enjoy the first day of your holiday.

Instead, you need to fake it ’til you make it! (Get some zzzzz’s)

A lotta H2O

As we know, water keeps you hydrated and this keeps your brain and skin awake. If your brain is dehydrated, you will start to feel sluggish and this will reflect on the outside. And dehydrated skin is not a good look for anyone.

A change of clothes

After a long flight on a stuffy plane, a change of clothes can work wonders to make you feel refreshed.

Face spritz

Shocking your face awake with a facial spritz is so refreshing. Tea tree is a great option and the scent really helps to stimulate your senses and wake them up whilst the cooling water awakens and brightens your skin.

Make up free flight

Make up on a flight is pointless. On a long haul flight, you are never going to arrive with a face as perfectly in tact as when you boarded.

If anything, you’ll probably have patchy foundation from sleeping and smudged eyes, not a good look if you’re trying to fake wakefulness. Either go completely make up free the entire time or if you need to, put your makeup on before you land. You then have a fresh face of makeup plus something to occupy your time.

Deodorising wipes

If the flight gets you a bit sweaty, you won’t be feeling your freshest when you land but deodorising wipes are very handy, convenient to use and help you feel more like yourself.

Time adjust

Once you step on that flight, adjust your own timing to be in line with your current destination. If it’s night there during your flight, try to sleep and it’ll help you body clock adjust slightly before you arrive.

Get up and walk

Don’t stay confined to your seat for the entire flight, get up, stretch your legs and get your blood flowing.

Avoid alcohol and caffeine

It just messes with your internal clock giving you a boost and then crashing you down.



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  1. I travel every month internationally, you’re absolutely right. I try to fit the time of the place I’m landing ASAP. It helps your mind and body prepare. Instead of thinking “I would be sleeping right now at home” you need to focus on where you are, time for lunch, an aperitif, time to go visit a site, etc.

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