2018 fashion trends to follow

The Growing Up Guide summer fashion

This year the trends are a real mix, from crayola brights to the spins on the classic prints. There’s a bunch of trends to pick from this year and it’s about time we go through the list and show you the top picks for each trend.


The shoes

First up is the trainer edit. You’ll struggle to find someone who isn’t rocking the old skool vans or the high top converse at the moment. This is my dream trend, it’s time to bring out the old converse and make use of the endless pairs of vans I have.

Converse has really upped their game for Summer this year so let’s look at some of the top ones. First up is the classic Red High Tops £55. These are gonna be the next pair of converse to hit my wardrobe.

The pop of colour fits in well with the growing crayola bright trend and keeps you in those comfy converse all year long. They will go with anything and can be dressed up or down. I really like wearing this with a denim skirt, it really takes a spin on the classic look and makes the whole thing casual.

If you wanna go a bit lighter then how about some pale blue embroidered ones with flamingo’s £75  who doesn’t love a bit of flamingo print for Summer. Pair this with a denim pinafore or even some dungarees and that Summer look is achieved.

The last pair which I am also very tempted to grab are the new orange high tops £70. They are a real bold pair and not something you’ll see everywhere over Summer but who wouldn’t want to be going around with bright orange converse?


The bottoms

For that crayola bright trend I’ve been hinting at a good skirt or a pair of pants are the best way to go.

So many of us get worried when it comes to the idea of having a bright colour all over the legs, it attracts attention to that area but honestly who cares! If you wanna wear some bright red jeans you do it gal.

My top picks for some skirts start off with this Monki Cord Mustard Skirt £25. First off who doesn’t love a bit of yellow for the Summer. It’s bright, it’s colorful, and that cord detail can easily be carried through to Autumn.

This dressed with a pair of those converse works perfect for the Summer months. Everyone needs a bit of mustard in their wardrobe every now and then.

If you’re someone who likes to play with colour a bit more than this denim colourblock skirt £28. Might be right up your alley. I love the mix of colours, it’s got that visible stitch detail and the pops of colour really make this a stand alone piece. You can never go wrong with a skirt like this, it’s such a statement piece I don’t really see myself living without.


Rainbows everywhere

The last trend to get on board with is the rainbow trend, it kinda hit us quick late last year but this Summer it’s back for good. Perfect for festivals or days in the Sun. I’ve found a handful of pieces that hit the trend spot on.

First up is this stretchy rainbow dress from Daisy Street £24.99. I’ve been crushing on this for a while and it really needs to be added to my collection. I have a purple version of this from H&M and I wear it religiously I can’t get enough of it.

If you want to rock a bodysuit for Summer this one from PrettyLittleThing is spot on. I get real sportish kinda vibes from this and it needs to be in my life soon.





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