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Office dos and don’ts: Work wear


In the past we’ve talked about office workwear and the ‘rules’ surrounding appearance in the workplace. The workplace attire is consistently challenged and it’s time there were some clearer guidelines everyone could follow.

As there is a need for clearer dos and don’ts accompanied with reasons justifying why, I’ve created my own with the hope that they guide you in the right direction.


Invest in a variety of styles

My top piece of advice is to make sure you’re prepared for all the different types of outfit you may need.

You might want to invest in something like a dress or go for a suit, depending on what you want to try.

I’d say go for something that is comfy. Especially for those long days, being in something that isn’t comfy can become a nightmare to work in.

Size correctly

This goes without saying but always ensure you go for something fitted but not tight.

Workwear can be the worst if you’re in something tight and ill-fitting.

I always recommend trying on anything at the end of the day (especially if you’re looking for new work shoes). That way you will be able to see if they would be tight or not. It can be horrible to wear something tight all day on your feet.

Buy multiples of everything

Sometimes outfit repeating can be horrid but in the workplace, it becomes essential.

When you find something, you love, buy 3 of them. It’s always good to have those ‘go to’s’ ready all the time.


Lose who you are

It’s good to follow the rules, but it’s best to stay true to who you are.

No matter what job you are in you should have the option to express yourself in some form.

Forget about comfort

You should make sure you’re always comfy. It can be a long time in something that isn’t comfortable. You can still be in your style and comfy at the same time

Don’t go for the cheap alternatives

Workwear can be expensive but always make sure you check what you’re buying. You want to go for quality over quantity. If you buy anything that wears away quickly or doesn’t last, then it’s money wasted and that money could’ve been used elsewhere.

The workplace works against a strict dress code.  Dependent on where you work and what you are allowed, the uniform can be your chance to express yourself.

Of course, within boundaries, it can be your opportunity to shake things up.

The workplace needs to standardize their rules and set some boundaries. I have worked in numerous places within the retail sector and the rules of what you can and can’t wear can be vastly different. From the length of the trousers to whether it can be blue or black jeans. It depends where you go and where you choose to work.

It’d be great to gauge your views of how the uniform requirements are changing nowadays.



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