Your Summer holiday sorted: Budapest

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

It’s summer and you can almost hear the sounds of suitcases running around the place! That last minute passport panic kicks in but wait a minute, you can’t go on holiday until you’ve chosen a place.

The lovely city of Budapest is the destination for people who want to do something a little different. See all the culture and breathe in the city whilst basking in that sweet sun.

Now when I got the opportunity, time was limited. For me, I think cities like this can get explored quickly. You can take more time to appreciate that sun for a bit longer but I manage to see the main attractions within a couple of days.

There is so much to do in Budapest.

Photo by Chloe Salins

Thermal baths

Make sure you go to at least one of the thermal baths.

I personally recommend heading to the Szechenyi Thermal Baths. They retain the original decor and the place had some of the hottest indoor and outdoor baths across Budapest.

I recommend going to the baths later on in the day, after all that walking and all the food it’s great to be able to lie back and float in some nice heated water. Also, they have a few little whirlpools as well who wouldn’t want that.

House of Terror

I highly recommend the House of Terror museum. If you want to really educate yourself and submerge yourself in the culture then this is one of the main places to visit.

The museum has exhibitions relating to the fascist and communist regimes from the 20th-Century. The further you go into the museum the more you begin to uncover the lives of those who were killed and tortured in this exact building.

You can buy tablets with headphones that explain further about the rooms and give a little more insight into the pieces. It has an eery feeling to this but I highly recommend it, it’s something you won’t regret doing.

Photo by Chloe Salins

Budapest by foot

I really benefitted from going on a walking tour and there are several dotted around.

The one I recommend the most begins in the center by the St Stephen’s Basicilla. The tour goes through the town taking you across the bridge onto the other side.

The views are incredible and the tour guides cannot be more helpful.

It is advertised as a free walking tour with tips kindly accepted. For me, I would happily pay a solid £15-£20 for the tours.

They take you through the quickest routes without missing any essentials. For me, it was one of the highlights of the trip being able to see everything so clearly and taking it all in.

Night life

Night-life is great in Budapest.

From cheap drinks to great music, there is a fantastic bar scene.

I highly recommend going to a ruin bar. They have such a relaxed vibe in there where you could dance the night away or sit there and chill for the night.

You have to try the famous drink Palinka. In the form of a shot, this drink is definitely one for the taste buds but watch how many you have as they can become quite deadly after too many.

After going in the ruin bars all night you can soak up the hangover in the thermal baths and explore the city straight through to the night.

Photo by Chloe Salins

Budapest had such a relaxed vibe. You can walk around everywhere and truly appreciate everything.



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