How to stay motivated at work


The workplace can play a key role in our lives. We spend a significant amount of our day at work, and of course this can really play on our motivation.

It’s hard to stay on a high motivation level at all times.

As a blogger, I have experienced issues with motivation in the past, especially when you are in a community where it is very self-driven.

You are your own motivator and depending on the situation it can be hard to continue the motivation and want to blog.

So, I decided to sit down and go through some of the ways I stay motivated at work –  whether this is an office job or one where you are focusing on the same task day in day out.

Extra-curricular activities

The first thing to look at is what you do outside at work.

If you live and breathe your job, there are bound to be times where that motivation drops and you feel like you can’t do much more.

In these situations it is best to have something to look forward to, whether it’s a nice walk home, a good meal, or even taking up an exercise class. I have recently been going to Systematic Martial Arts around my blogging schedule and it’s really helped to get me motivated.

By having something planned into a schedule, it creates a bit of a routine. In a career where you manage yourself it is good to create some form of schedule. Otherwise it can become very mundane and it becomes difficult to work throughout the day.

If you wake up and don’t stick to a routine, your brain can’t concentrate (even if you’re working for just an hour).

If you can at least allocate time during the day, it means you’ve still got your work done and you’ve managed to stay focused throughout the day.

Breaks, Breaks, Breaks

This is a major one.

If you spend all day focusing on one thing you will burn out easy.

Think of it like this, you wouldn’t leave your car running all day and still expect it to be working great. Even if you just allow 15 minute breaks every now and then it’s good to step away.

When you’re having a break think about what you should do, I recommend fully stepping away from everything whether it’s your desk or office space. It’s good to have a snack, drink some water or even play music. I like to get out a book or even do some mindfulness. A good app for mindfulness is Headspace, it’s great for anyone who wants to relax and go into a state of calm.

Sometimes it can be nice to stick on some Netflix and kick back. I am currently loving Evil Genius – an amazing 4 part documentary recovering the details from one of the most famous Bank Robberies. I’ll admit it’s not the most light-hearted topic but you get glued in after the first episode.

To keep up with that motivation, it’s always good to check your progression, review any goals and follow this up frequently.



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