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Why it’s okay to go to a different university than your friends

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Choosing the right university is a very tough decision with so many things to consider. Students have to decide on the course, the university and where to live as well as having the worry that their friends are going elsewhere.

All of these factors come down to personal choice and no one should influence the decision.

It’s a natural thing for friends to drift apart after they finish secondary school. Big friendship groups hardly ever make it past school – people lose contact and that’s okay.

University and student life can be difficult for friends who have attended the same university. They may not be able to spend as much time together due to timetables, coursework and other friends. People make new friends that can sometimes affect other friendships.

Personally, I now only speak to around 3 people I knew from school and, sometimes, even that’s on a rare occasion.

However, I find that when I do eventually see these friends from back home we have a lot to catch up on and we never stop talking, which makes the time together more special.

It’s easier to make new friends whilst at university because everyone is going through the same thing. You’re all in the same boat. All of the other students are also trying to make friends and adjust to the university lifestyle.

The adjustment from home life to university life can be hard for some. You may feel homesick at first and, in particular, the first month will be the hardest.

This was something that I found difficult at first, but I stuck it out and met some of the greatest people I’ve ever known. Once you’re distracted by the mountains of coursework and the fun you’ll be having with your new friends, you’ll soon find this easier and be having the time of your life.

One of the most important weeks of university is the very first week.

This week lets you meet your new flat mates (unless you’re commuting), the people who live around you, your course mates and (perhaps most importantly) freshers.

If you’re lucky enough to get along with and form a good bond with your flatmates, then this can immediately put you at ease.

Although it may feel a little awkward at first, things will become easier and you’ll start to feel more comfortable.

Going into your first course lecture can be scary. For me, and probably the majority of people, a group chat had been started on Facebook in the summer which meant that a lot of people had already been in contact with each other and started to form those friendships.

I was also fortunate enough to have someone in my course living in the same building as me, so we were able to walk to university together and sit together during the first lecture. Throughout the three years we remained close friends and even lived together in third year.

Whilst at university, the nightlife is a good opportunity to bond with people and make new friends. Everyone is friendlier when they’re drunk, so it’s a good time to get to know people. This is where freshers is such a positive thing to help you settle in.

When going to university, you need to make sure that the course and the location is right for you, and not let the fact of leaving your friends behind stop you. Reading weeks and FaceTime can help to keep those current friendships there, however new friendships will also be formed to help ease the pain.



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