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I went vegan for 5 days and here’s what happened

Every vegan has a different reason. Health reasons, moral reasons or any other reason under the sun. However, just because something has a reason doesn’t necessarily mean it’s easy.

Veganism is on such a rise right now that it is almost fashionable to be vegan. With Veganuary, plant-based bloggers and health food stores increasing in popularity, it has never been easier to become vegan.

But is it really that easy to become a vegan? As a meat lover, I decided to try it out…

My reason

I never even considered the idea of being a vegan until earlier this year. Through the blogosphere and YouTube, I have increasingly become aware of veganism but never contemplated it until I watched the What The Health documentary on Netflix.

The documentary really got the wheels turning in my brain. I thought about it a lot. I thought about the ethical reasons, I thought about the health benefits, I went over it in my mind time and time again.

I was passionate about the ethical reasons and conscious about the health benefits but somehow, my love of animal products always won.

I never thought I would be able to change my diet so I set myself a challenge to go five days as a vegan as a little test to see how I got on.


I knew it was going to be difficult. You don’t realise how many animal products you eat until you go to make a meal and realise you can’t actually have that meal as a vegan.

I’ll admit, this was my second attempt. The first time, I seriously under-planned and ended up failing on the first day due to lack of preparation.

For my next attempt, I did some research through vegan blogs and planned some meals and snacks to keep me going through the five days. With this plan in place, I found it surprisingly easy the second time and got through the five days with almost no struggle.

I think it would become more difficult if I had done it for longer simply just for meal ideas but then I guess, the longer you do it, the better at it you become.


Never did I think I would enjoy a vegan diet. I am a bacon lover and a cheese fanatic by nature. Honestly, I put cheese on everything so I don’t even know how I managed a cheese free five days.

Surprisingly though, I really enjoyed eating vegan. It was a nice change to mix up my meals a little and add some variety to my diet.

A couple of times, I just whipped a meal up and was so impressed with how it turned out, so tasty!


Throughout the five days, I noticed a definite improvement in my energy.

After a long day at work, I often come home feeling sleepy and sluggish. Not this week! I was wide awake and I loved going for evening walks.

I’m really not a morning person, the am is a struggle for me but I found waking up so much easier and started my days with a more positive attitude.


During the challenge, my skin was hell. I had massive breakouts and was basically a spotty mess.

The week after on the other hand, my skin was amazing.

I think the initial breakout was due to detox. I am so used to eating so many animal products and not enough veggies that my body was not used to it and took a moment to adapt.


I didn’t notice any particular health benefits. Besides my skin and my energy levels, I felt pretty much the same in myself.

A lot of people say that they feel healthy on the inside once they became a vegan but I just didn’t notice a difference in that was.

I’m sure it definitely had a positive affect on my health through eating healthier but it wasn’t anything noticeable.

Going forward…

I really enjoyed the challenge and found it a lot easier that I thought it would be, however, I haven’t converted to veganism. Whilst I appreciate and respect it as a diet, it’s just not for me. I am however eating more plant-based meals than I used to and enjoying them which is a great improvement plus my fruit and vegetable consumption has shot right up so the challenge was definitely worth doing. Every little helps!



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