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Why it’s important to take care of yourself when your workload mounts up

Why it's important to take care of yourself when your workload mounts up - The growing up suide

Sometimes life can be intense when there’s a lot is going on.

It can be stressful trying to keep everything together, especially if exams are creeping up on you or if there’s a deadline to be met at work.

It’s times likes this when you need to be able to disconnect and shut it all off.

Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, it’s always good to look after yourself. Doing this can help you relax and allow you to have some ‘you time’.

I’ve just gone through a stressful exam period and I cannot tell you how good it was to still allow time for myself. I did it by following a few easy and simple steps. And trust me it was good.

Given its success, I thought I would break down what worked well for me and why you need to take care of yourself when the workload mounts up massively…

For me I really enjoy the little things.

One of those little things is a good bath. You know when there are bath bombs or the fancy bubbles and you just feel content.

It’s good to have something where you can’t get distracted.

Whether you spend 5 minutes or 20 minutes soaking in the bath it can really relax you – even when preparing the bath, you automatically feel relaxed.

Something like swimming also really helps me take care of myself. Not only is it a great way to exercise, but it can help you to switch off and focus on something completely different.

If you don’t take time out for yourself it can be dangerous for your mental health.  As a society, we are getting more aware of mental health but we still ignore a lot of its main signs.

We become so strict on ourselves and see everything as a ‘do or die’ moment. Some people are more restrictive of themselves.

You can begin to lose yourself and cut yourself off from others, which can have a detrimental impact on you. If you start to shut yourself out then it becomes harder to cope day-to-day when that workload has gone down.

If you’re sitting there thinking that you can’t afford to take time out, then you’re wrong.

There’s always time to take out.

It’s bad to think that there can’t be anything left for you. You’re the one who dictates what you do and how you spend your time. So make sure you spend your time wisely and when you incorporate something into your busy schedule, it’s good to find an activity and stick with it.

It’s about time we tackle this need to constantly deal with heavy workloads.  Everyone has their own different ways and it’s about time we focus on ourselves.




  1. I can relate with your post. My exams are over since a week, but towards the end of the exams I even told my mother that I could have a burnout. Today I feel much better. As you wrote time is the key point. Sometimes we just have to take a break and relax. Maybe for an hour or in my case for some days. Listening to music really helps me to feel better.


  2. I’m such a huge list maker! It helps me break down tasks and then when I get a little thing done I can feel good, I usually put self care things on the list too so I feel compelled to do them. great post 💕


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