Your Summer holiday sorted: Mallorca

Photo by Matthew Wheeler on Unsplash

Mallorca is so much more than a crazy, drunken holiday in Magaluf. Mallorca is such an incredibly, beautiful island with amazing places to explore. Just over a two hour flight away from the UK, it’s an easy Summer holiday but what should you get up to there?

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Travel on the Orange Blossom Express

Built the same year as the Titanic but in contrast still going today, the Orange Blossom Express is exactly the same as it was in 1909. With its vintage carriages still in place, it is an unforgettable train journey. Travelling from the old town of Soller down to Palma, the 45 minute train journey will take you through orange and lemon groves and show you some beautiful views of the island.

Haggle at Sineu market

The biggest and most famous market on the island, Sineu is the place for absolutely everything. Fake designer bags, juicy fruit, clothing and fresh pastries. You can expect to find anything you could possibly want to buy every Thursday morning in Sineu.

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Take in the culture of Palma

Palma is one of the most beautiful cities. It’s incredible culture combined with a modern twist make it an it is an amazing place to visit. The most incredible view is of the cathedral, with the sun in the background, the fountains in the foreground it is such a picturesque location it almost seems unreal.

Swivel on your heels and you will find the harbour Palma Bay which is also known as Millionaires Marina. You will see boats of all shapes, sizes and beauty along this mile long stretch including huge cruise ships which set sail and dock in the bay.

The main city centre is full of historic buildings, flowing fountains and an array of shops. You can find everything from designer stores, high street shops, cute gift hideaways and market stalls. Venture to the other side of town to Porto Pi if you are after a bit more of the high  street style shopping.

Horseriding at Rancho Grande

The largest ranch on the island, Rancho Grande is a fantastic evening out. The ranch boasts a farm that you can explore upon arrival before a sunset horse ride through the woods.

If horses are not really your thing, there is also the option of riding along on the sangria wagon where you will have a little sing song and a few drinks.

If you are going to horse ride however, there are three different groups for you to ride with; walk, trot or canter.

Once you have explored the woods, you make your way back to the ranch for a BBQ and some of the most beautiful food. The alioli at Rancho is the best alioli I have ever tasted and all the meat was juicy and grilled to perfection.

Once you are full of tasty grub, you are treated to another sing song and a bit of line dancing. If you’re looking for an evening that is a bit different, Rancho is a perfect evening out.

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Caving in Alcudia

You can go caving through an excursion called The Challenge. The first stage of The Challenge is kayaking to the cave. Eventually, you make it to the dock where you manoeuvre along a scary cliff edge to get down to the cave.

Entering the cave however, is the scariest bit of all. The entrance to the cave is tiny and you have to walk in backwards. I honestly thought I was gonna end up stuck like Winnie The Pooh. The further the cave goes, the deeper the water gets until you get to a beautiful open cave lit by small blue lights.

To get out of the cave, you navigate down a small tunnel in complete darkness with only the walls as your guide until the tunnel eventually brings you out into the sea.

Maybe I haven’t painted the best picture and scared you off but it’s such an adrenalin rush and so much fun!!

Cocktails in Cala Millor

Mint is a bar on the beach front which serves food during the day and transforms into a cocktail bar at night. With the addition of a shisha bar and snacks in the evening plus comfy sofas and even a hot tub it is a great place to chill out.

Another great place for cocktails in Goya. A quiet little rooftop bar that no one seems to know about, you can lie on a sunbed and watch the sea whilst sipping a mojito and even take a dip in the rooftop pool if you’d like. The view is breath taking and it is such a nice chilled out place to relax.

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Taste the most delcious tapas at Bodega d’Es Port

The most delicious meal I had in my five and a half months in Mallorca was at Bodega d’Es Port in Puerto Alcudia. The most mouthwatering tapas you could imagine. The juicy meatballs, the scrumptious prawns in garlic and the beautiful chorizo. Just a few of the dishes I  would highly recommend and if you want my advice, stick to a few tapas dishes rather than a full meal.

Watch the sunset in Formentor

Formentor is the most northern part of the island and perfect to watch the sunrise or the sunset. A gorgeous pebble stone beach with crystal clear waters, the sun breaks and dies over the cliffs but for the perfect view, then sunset is the best time to watch. The sky is a stunning array of colours and the landscape is breathtaking.

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The beauty of Sa Calobra

Once you have travelled through the Tramuntana mountain range and embraced three hairpin bends back down the mountain, you reach Sa Calobra. A small and quiet little village but one of the most outstandingly beautiful places on the island. Walking away from the village and through a tunnel, you will walk out into the sun filled, vast canyon (weather permitting, of course). At the edge of this canyon is a little pebble stoned beach and the clearest water you could imagine. The view is absolutely breathtaking.

Experience the Pirates Adventure

A swashbuckling mix of acrobatics, dance and a little bit of comedy, the Pirates Adventure dinner shower is guaranteed to knock your socks off. You are transported back to the year 1649 to help Sir Henry Morgan protect his treasure from the evil French captain Jacques Lafitte. You will be cheering on the captains that Sir Henry Morgan has enlisted Blackbeard, Barbarossa, Sir Francis Drake and Captain Scarlett as the action happens all around you.

The custom built venue is a theatre like no other with the action happening to the right, to the left, in front, behind and above your head. There are three seating options and a price to suit every budget including a right hearty pirates feast plus unlimited beer, sangria and soft drinks for the little sailors.

You are meeted, greeted and seated by the pirates and once the show starts, you are treated to the number one family show in the world, number one in the Balearic of Spain. The cast are all ex-olympians, commonwealth and members of Cirque Du Soleil. A fantastic night out, a must see adventure.

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Every inch of Mallorca is waiting to be explored so don’t miss out on the best!



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