Your Summer holiday sorted: Torrevieja, Alicante

Photo by Willian Justen de Vasconcellos on Unsplash

It’s the Holiday season and whilst everyone’s packed with their suitcases ready to go you’re probably still figuring out where to go. Whether it’s a sunny holiday or a cold one you’re gonna need help either way.

Why not try Spain, got the nice weather and with a variety of places to head to it’s an ideal location for that Summer holiday.

Here is a little guide to Torrevieja, located in the Southern Alicante Province.

It’s a quieter part of Spain with a lot to offer, from the warm Meditarrian coastline with promenades running along the beaches. This is the perfect place for that nice holiday where it’s not too rushed around. From beaches to shops there really is a mix here.

Well this isn't Manchester

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Playa del Cura

If the beach is your go to, head to the Playa del Cura beach with the setback sea and the sand everywhere it is a really good place to get some sun.

There are bars along the beach and restaurants right across the front, it does tend to get busy as the day goes on so head down early and get your spot saved.

You can rent chairs or bring your own, just make sure you get a place with plenty of sun. There’s a chain of shops right behind the beach incase you feel you need a break from the sun and a chance to stretch your legs. From branded shops to independent ones there’s a real mix.

If you’ve got a keen eye for shopping you can spend hours along the promenade, an endless number of shops follow the coast round and fall down the back streets.

No matter what you’re looking for there is bound to be a shop here that does it. A good majority speak fluent English so if your Spanish is a little rusty do not panic.

The Museum of Sea and Salt

The Museum of Sea and Salt is a quaint ethnological museum showcasing the city’s salt-harvesting history through exhibitions.

You can even explore some of their model ships, great if you’ve been falling for all the boats on the docks outside.

It's beautiful 😍

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The Parque Natural de Torrevieja

The Parque Natural de Torrevieja is a nature reserve spot with pink-hued salt lagoons, there are plants and birds all around this spot and imagine this for an Instagram post. It’s a great place to head to when it’s getting a bit dark and that sun is starting to set.


If you want to escape the heat then head to Torrevieja Aquopolis, one of the best water parks I’ve ever been to. You honestly can spend all day here and never get bored no matter how old you are.

From whirlpools to amazing slides there is something for everyone. It takes you into the sun whilst cooling down, just make sure you have your sun cream.

❤️ It is all so beautiful it is hard not to spam Instagram 😂

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Isla Tabarca

If you’re after a day trip, Isla Tabarca is worth a visit.

You can only visit Isla Tabarca via boat May to October and the small island has a colourful history of pirates and Genoese settlers.

Th crystal clear water make Isla Tabarca a great place for snorkelling and you can walk the beautiful streets of the village enjoying the local food. There is a lighthouse to visit as well as some charming architecture.

Algar Waterfalls

Head inland for a day in beautiful nature.

After a 1.5km walk along the River Algar, you will meet the falls where you can admire the surroundings and bath in naturally formed pools.

I've only been back for a few hours and I already miss it 😢

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If you’ve ever been to Torrevieja comment down below what your favorite part has been, and if you head over there tag us in on Twitter and Instagram we’d love to see where you head off to!



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