The Growing Up Guide was created in 2017 to help those who are just starting out in their journey through adulthood and have no idea what they are doing.

The Editor realised that there wasn’t anywhere for graduates, school leavers and new adults to go to find the answers they needed. From this came the idea for The Growing Up Guide. A safe place for new adults to find their answers without feeling embarrassed or phoning up Mum and Dad.

Growing up can be full on and scary at times which is why we strive to produce content that will help you in your new life milestone.

Focusing on everything from renting for the first time to what to do in an interview, The Growing Up Guide is full of everything you need to know in your first decade of becoming a proper adult.

We like to think of The Growing Up Guide as a “blogazine” – the varied content of a magazine but the personal touch of a blog. Just think of us as your big sister helping you through life.

The page and it’s content is created and run be volunteer writers and editors. If you fancy supporting them then you can buy them a coffee through our Ko-Fi account.