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The Growing Up Guide is made up of young women who want to help advise, inspire and motivate other females in the UK who are starting their adulthood journey.

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EMMI BOWLES – Editor & Founder

Emmi came up with The Growing Up Guide in her final year of university. She saw a market for a website that catered for those transitioning into adulthood. In 2017 she took the plunge and here we are.

When she’s not running The Growing Up Guide, Emmi blogs over at JustEmmi.com and drinks an unhealthy amount of tea.

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AMY TURK – Lifestyle Editor

Amy is a Creative Writing Graduate, now working as a Social Media Executive in a creative agency. She has a passion for writing and loves reading lifestyle blogs, and scrolling down her Instagram feed until her thumb is numb.

When she isn’t working or writing, Amy likes to watch rubbish telly and tag her friends in videos of cute dogs. She loves writing posts for her blog and is determined to upload more regularly now she has completed her degree!

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MOLLY EDWARDS – University & Career’s Editor

Molly is in her final year of university studying History. She qualified as a Make Up Artist in her first year of Uni to make some money, this led to her creating a beauty blog. Molly now also writes about lifestyle, fashion, travel and uni tips.

When she’s not in the University library surrounded by history books, you will find her blogging in her room, binge watching Sex and the City or balancing over some lipsticks on the floor for the perfect flatlay.

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Steph is a travel representative which led to her starting her own travel blog, Wanderlust Pulse. She has a Performing Arts degree and loves going to the theatre. You can often find her curled up with a good book and an endless amount of green tea.

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NIKKI MCCRAIG – Contributor

Nikki is a freelance Content Marketer, Blogger, Photographer and all-time terrible baker.

Having discovered The Growing Up Guide through a lucky search on Twitter, she writes her beauty and lifestyle blog at nikkimccaig.com and can usually be found huddled up behind an excessively large mug of coffee in her favourite cosy jumper.

With so many stories to tell about her own embarrassing attempts at growing up she was looking for an audience to share them with, and has been writing here ever since.

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Chloe Salins - The Growing Up Guide


CHLOE SALINS – Contributor

A Manchester based fashion and lifestyle blogger who loves anything with a pop of red.

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Chiamaka is a pharmacist by day who writes about life post-university, beauty and lifestyle. She enjoys fitness and travelling.

When she’s not writing or reading, she most probably is shopping, eating, listening to music or binge-watching the latest TV series.

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TAMZIN LENA – Contributor

Tamzin is a blogger and vlogger from northern England who loves to talk about life. She discusses beauty, mental health, food, travel and more recently, approaching adulthood. S

he turns 18 in a few months – and what does this mean for her? When she’s not blogging, or vlogging, or working, or editing… she’s probably asleep.

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EMMA HOLLANDS – Contributor

Emma Rose Hollands is a freelance writer, aspiring editor, and a tea obsessed bookworm. She is regularly spotted posting on her book blog, scribbling short stories for submission, writing as many articles as humanly possible, or helping her fellow writers. Approach with caution.

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ROBYN UNSWORTH – Contributor

Robyn Unsworth was born and bread in London but moved to High Wycombe last year and set up her blog. If you’re interested in beauty, travel, lifestyle or festivities, look no further!
I love being a part of The Growing Up Guide community and can’t wait to write many more posts!

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Christie Marsh The Growing Up Guide


CHRISTIE MARSH – Contributor

Christie is a 23-year-old student who is from Manchester. She is studying International Fashion Promotion but is currently on her placement year at Very.co.uk in Liverpool.

When Christie isn’t working she loves blogging about food and what she has been up to, going to the gym and yoga classes and spending time with her boyfriend.

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Profile picture 4000x4000 blogging freelancing writing Carol Cameleon Virtually All Sorts blogger writing parenting reiki yoga crystal h


CAROL CAMELEON – Contributor

Carol is a wellbeing blogger and is passionate about positivity in every area of life. She practices yoga regularly, is attuned to reiki level 2 and has a small collection of healing crystals.

Her creative side sees her penning many a poem and flash fiction. Above all though, she loves to practice gratitude because it helps her world go round and one day soon she firmly believe it’ll be what makes the world go round.

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CORINNE & KIRSTY – Contributors

Corinne & Kirsty are two friends who met during an internship in London, became party buddies then friends and decided to start a blog together.

Kirsty graduated from university with a BA in Languages and Business and has new launched her own homeware brand, Ola Banana.

Corinne graduated with a MSc in Management and now works in London as a Social Media & Marketing Manager.

When they are not working, you can find them baking, eating all their baking, reading, taking loads of pictures or writing on their blog Corinne & Kirsty.

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LISA TIRANTI – Contributor

Hi! I’m Lisa, 21, 100% Italian, currently living and working as Digital Marketing Executive in my beloved London.

During my spare time, I love globetrotting around Europe [and not only, actually] but travelling is just one of my passions, I enjoy crafting, spotting healthy food places.. oh and I blog of course, mainly about my travels and general life & blogging hacks.

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NATALIE TYLER – Contributor

Avid coffee drinker and blogger over at crazy little thing called love

Generally always rushing around and getting up to crazy antics,

As well as being a Mummy to two small people, I work and blog and generally achieve such things on a small amount of sleep!

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